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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 355 - Masterpiece

Chapter 355: Masterpiece

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Just as the two of them were in a deadlock, the production team came in and informed everyone to prepare for the waiting area.

Lin Yun stood up and left without looking at Han Fang.

Behind Lin Yun, Han Fang swept all the fruits to the ground.

Lin Yu also stood up and walked out. When she reached the door, she sneered. “Stay calm if you want to do anything. If you’re too anxious, the other party will easily notice.”

After Lin Yu finished speaking, she left behind the indignant Han Fang and the confused Li Jing.

Han Fang punched the table hard before walking towards the waiting area.

At this moment, all the contestants had already gathered here, and the production team had also confirmed the name tags and clothes for every contestant.

Soon, the competition began.

The contestants went on stage in order and everything happened in order.

Lin Qian and Ji Rou looked at the performance of their disciples on the stage. The two of them occasionally whispered to each other and seemed to be very satisfied with their performance.

The contestants from the two teams took turns going on stage according to the order of the draw.

Jin Ling, who represented Team A, was the fifth to appear. However, just as she started singing, she couldn’t help but cough.

The judges below the stage frowned.

Jin Ling tried a few times, but she still could not sing the entire song.

This performance immediately made the judges reveal dissatisfied expressions. Then, they asked Jin Ling to stop singing.

When the judges questioned why Jin Ling was not prepared for the competition and why she was not in her best state, Jin Ling could only reveal a helpless and aggrieved expression.

She could not explain what had happened to her, but her throat seemed numb and she could not sing normally.

Lin Yun watched Jin Ling’s performance and glanced in Han Fang’s direction.

Sure enough, Han Fang revealed a smug smile when she thought that no one had noticed her.

Lin Yun could understand Han Fang’s actions. If she could eliminate the top few popular contestants, her ranking would also increase.

However, this was clearly the group versus finals. Han Fang was in the same group as them. Why did she treat contestants in the same group this way?

Or was she planning to eliminate Group A and use her score to fight for a chance to stay?

This strategy was too risky. If her performance in this round was not good…

No, she had already made plans to get someone who was more likely to stay kicked out!

Lin Yun felt a chill down her spine.

Why were these scheming people beside her?

Initially, she thought that Han Fang should have a straightforward personality. How could someone who admired Lin Qian be like this?

Lin Yun felt that Han Fang was so scary! She was even a little worried about Lin Qian’s safety!

Lin Yun looked at Lin Qian and saw him whispering something into Ji Rou’s ear. Lin Yun subconsciously looked at Han Fang and saw deep hatred on her face.

Looks like she had to find an opportunity to remind her second brother to be careful of these terrifying fans!

It was Lin Yu’s turn to go on stage. She looked at the judges in front of her and then at Lin Qian and Ji Rou.

Then, she picked up the microphone and said in a low voice, “Dear judges, the song I want to sing today is a song I composed under the guidance of my old master. Its name is “Wind Ride”.”

Hearing Lin Yu’s introduction, the judges below the stage couldn’t help but whisper.

Fu Tong was a top figure in the domestic music industry.

His composition style was diverse and challenging to perform.

Therefore, it was difficult for them to judge Fu Tong’s work.