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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 353 - New Appearance

Chapter 353: New Appearance

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The afternoon training passed very quickly. When the training ended, everyone even felt a little reluctant.

Lin Yun finally got to know Ji Rou again during this day of training.

Initially, she only felt that Ji Rou was stronger in terms of professionalism, but she did not expect Ji Rou to be very good at training people.

Ji Rou had actually gained a few fans on this day. They had already reached the point of being submissive to her.

At night, the production team specially arranged for Lin Qian and Ji Rou to perform.

In order to boost the morale of all the contestants, Qi Hao even appeared to perform his famous song. This made all the contestants excited.

A happy night passed. The next morning, everyone began to be on guard.

Lin Yun was not having an easy time either. The rules announced by the production team were that the contestants of the two teams would have a one-on-one battle. The team with the most winners would successfully advance, and the defeated team would eliminate half of their members according to the score.

In other words, it was very likely that she couldn’t fight Lin Yu.

If Lin Yu successfully advanced to the next round, wouldn’t Lin Yun have to continue acting with her…

Lin Yun frowned and thought about how to face Lin Yu.

After all, her ultimate goal in participating in this competition was to defeat Lin Yu in person!

When the competition was about to begin, Han Fang came to Lin Yun again.

“Ming Yi, this is for you. It can help you relax,” Han Fang said as she handed Ming Yi a basin of fruits.

Lin Yun glanced at the basin of fruits and said indifferently, “Thank you.”

Seeing that Ming Yi had no intention of touching those fruits, Han Fang said, “Don’t you like the fruits I gave you? These are all lucky fruits! They will bless you with a smooth competition!”

Lin Yun couldn’t help but frown when she saw Han Fang persuading her to eat these fruits.

She had already felt that Han Fang’s actions of delivering fruits were a little strange yesterday, especially when Li Jing stopped her. Her reaction was also very strange.

However, no matter what Han Fang planned to do, she would just let her do it. Lin Yun would no longer be swayed by anything!

Before Lin Yun could move, the staff walked in. “Contestants, go and do your makeup!”

Lin Yun immediately stood up, thanked Han Fang, and left.

Han Fang looked at Ming Yi’s back, her eyes flashing with unwillingness.

Lin Yun walked out of the waiting room and saw Ding Ning walking over to check on the preparations of the contestants.

Lin Yun greeted Ding Ning and walked towards the dressing room.

After taking a few steps, Lin Yun heard Ding Ning’s voice behind her. “Han Fang, why aren’t you putting on makeup?”

Han Fang stammered a few words. Lin Yun ignored her and quickly walked towards the dressing room.

In the dressing room, the makeup artist looked at Ming Yi and sighed slightly. “Sister Ding has already told me that I will prepare your costume according to your requirements. As for the makeup part…”

Lin Yun nodded and thanked her. “I’ll handle the makeup myself. The clothes will be troublesome.”

The makeup artist nodded impatiently, stuffed the clothes she had prepared into her hand, and turned to leave.

Lin Yun took the clothes and looked at them. They were indeed the clothes she had agreed on with the production team.

Although there was also an interlude in between, the person in charge of makeup did not agree with Lin Yun’s lifeless appearance on stage.

However, it seemed that Lin Qian was still useful.

The makeup person in charge and Ding Ning complained about Ming Yi and Lin Qian happened to hear them when he passed by.

Unexpectedly, Lin Qian pointed at his mask and asked the stylist what was so bad about Ming Yi’s appearance. He immediately made the makeup artist speechless, so this matter was dropped.