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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 352 - This Feeling

Chapter 352: This Feeling

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It was almost noon, but no one wanted to leave. They wished that Ji Rou could continue to coach them to perform better.

Lin Yun looked at Ji Rou who was focused on explaining to those people, and her admiration for Ji Rou grew.

Although the two of them were partners, Ji Rou was better at guiding others than she was.

This was probably why Ji Rou could lead a team!

After returning to her room, Lin Yun took a simple rest and called Aunt Xu. After hearing about Shao Yi’s return, Lin Yun planned to ask Aunt Xu about the exact situation.

But there was too much going on yesterday, and she hadn’t had time to ask.

When Aunt Xu picked up the call excitedly, Lin Yun knew that Shao Yi was really fine.

After chatting with Aunt Xu for a while, Lin Yun confirmed that Shao Yi had already returned home. Moreover, Aunt Xu planned to leave for a few days to take care of her son.

Since she wasn’t at home these days, Lin Yun generously gave Aunt Xu a break.

After confirming Aunt Xu’s matter, Lin Yun leaned against the bed and prepared to take a nap.

She had just closed her eyes when she heard an argument outside the door.

“What are you talking about? How can you change the training group?”

“That’s right! Our competition depends on the group battle. Aren’t you disturbing this rule!”

Hearing those voices, Lin Yun couldn’t help but sigh and think to herself, “When will these people stop!”

The argument outside the door did not stop. It seemed like someone did not want to train in Lin Qian’s group and wanted to train with Ji Rou.

Lin Yun couldn’t help but smile. “If Second Brother finds out that he’s being despised, I wonder what he will think!”

However, these arguments were just arguments. In the end, they still had to follow the production team’s rules.

After a while, the commotion outside finally stopped, but Lin Yun’s sleepiness disappeared.

She sighed and got up to adjust her clothes. She opened her notebook to check the progress of the collection of dirt on the Lin family.

She had agreed with her employer to deliver all the materials in a week. There was still some time now, so she could still take her time.

While sorting out the dirt on the Lin family, Lin Yun also collected information about the Zheng family and the Li family.

If one did not look carefully, one would not know. Recently, there had been a lot of funds coming in and out between these families. Vaguely, they seemed to have a big plan.

Lin Yun didn’t know much about business, but she felt that things were definitely not simple.

Lin Yun subconsciously felt that this matter was related to the Lu Corporation.

She remembered that in her previous life, the Lin family relied on Lin Yu to win the competition and signed on to many projects in the film industry.

It was also because of this that they secretly attacked the Lu Corporation’s film industry in Sea City and almost made it withdraw from Sea City.

However, it was also because of Lu Teng, the spy, that Lin Cheng and the others were able to succeed.

Now that Lu Teng had been dealt with and there were problems with the cash flow of the Lin family and the Zheng family, it would not be easy for them to attack the Lu Corporation!

Lin Yun felt that her head was already spinning at high speed and was about to explode.

She slammed the notebook shut and stood up, waving her arms to calm herself.

As long as the matter involved the Lu Corporation and Lu Chen, she could not calm down!

This won’t do!

Lin Yun took a few deep breaths and finally calmed herself down.

She tidied up her makeup and opened the door. She happened to see Lin Yu open the door and walk out.

Lin Yu obviously didn’t expect to meet Ming Yi. Her expression flashed with tension and hatred.

Lin Yun could clearly feel Lin Yu’s piercing gaze. The corners of her mouth subconsciously curled up.

This was the feeling she wanted! After tomorrow’s competition, Lin Yun would make Lin Yu wish she could tear her apart! She will do her best to make Lin Yu hate her to the core!

Lin Yun looked at Lin Yu deeply before turning around and closing the door. She walked towards the training room.

Lin Yu glared at Ming Yi’s back as she left. Her hands were clenched into fists, and she wished she could punch her.