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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 349 - Unfounded Accusation

Chapter 349: Unfounded Accusation

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Hearing Ming Yi’s words, Lin Qian almost clapped for her.

Ming Yi’s analysis was indeed very reasonable. It was also a solution that Fu Heng had thought about for a long time.

Firstly, it could prevent the contestants from colluding with one another and causing an imbalance in the final outcome of the competition.

Secondly, even if they did not choose a suitable contestant in the end, they would get contestants who chose to sign to agree on conditions in advance.

However, what Ming Yi did not say was that they really wanted to sign her to resolve the company’s troubles!

Lin Qian stood up and walked to Mingyi. “You don’t have to think so much. The company has thought it through before signing you, and we value your strength.”

“So, you can leave everything else to us. You just have to perform well in the subsequent competitions!”

Hearing Lin Qian’s words, Lin Yun looked up at the man in front of her. “Don’t you care what I look like? Aren’t you afraid that I have some shady identity?”

Hearing Ming Yi’s words, Lin Qian smiled. “You’re not the first artiste in Tian Le who doesn’t show her face!”

The moment Lin Qian said this, Qi Hao immediately laughed. “Sigh, this is Tian Le’s style. In the future, you can just change its name to the Masked Company!”

Lin Yun was really amused by the two of them this time.

However, she still maintained a cautious attitude about signing the contract. After all, she did not want her identity to be exposed in front of these people too early.

Since Tian Le was part of the Lu Corporation, she did not want to foolishly take another step closer to Lu Chen!

Lin Yun stood up and nodded at Lin Qian and Qi Hao before saying, “Thank you for your kindness, and I thank Tian Le for the appreciation. However, I don’t intend to sign with any company now.”

“I still have training. I’ll leave first!”

With that, Lin Yun turned around and left.

Qi Hao reached out to stop her, but Lin Qian grabbed his arm.

Lin Qian shook his head at Qi Hao and waited for Ming Yi to leave before saying, “This Ming Yi is quite interesting. Her determined and unyielding personality reminds me of someone I know.”

Qi Hao raised his eyebrows and hit Lin Qian’s sore spot. “If you don’t complete CEO Lu’s mission, let’s see how you explain yourself!”

When Lin Qian heard this, he immediately fell silent.

Qi Hao smiled and took advantage of the situation. “How’s your preparation for tonight’s performance?”

Lin Qian turned around and glared at Qi Hao through the mask, which immediately made Qi Hao laugh.

The news of Lin Yun leaving with Lin Qian’s assistant quickly spread among the contestants, and various speculations about the reason for her departure emerged.

When Lin Yun arrived at the training room, the surrounding people stayed far away and gossiped about her in groups.

Lin Yun didn’t care much about these things. To her, defeating Lin Yu in the competition was her ultimate goal.

However, from the looks of it, it was unknown if Lin Yu could reach the finals!

Just as Lin Yun was thinking this, she saw a figure flash past.

She looked up and saw Han Fang standing in front of her. “Ming Yi, do you know Lin Qian? Will he help you in the competition?”

Han Fang whispered as she sat down beside Ming Yi.

Lin Yun shook her head and said, “No.”

Han Fang frowned in disbelief. “If you don’t know him, why did he call his assistant to bring you over?”

“Don’t lie to me! We’re friends! Tell me the truth!” Han Fang grabbed Ming Yi’s arm and shook her gently.

Lin Yun gently retracted her arm from Han Fang’s hand and moved to the other side. “I’m telling the truth! I don’t know him!”

Seeing that Ming Yi was unwilling to tell her more, Han Fang frowned and her expression turned ugly.

“You must have some private deal with Lin Qian, right?! You, you, you’re shameless!” Han Fang accused sternly, standing up and distancing herself from Ming Yi.

Hearing Han Fang’s words, everyone was even more certain that Ming Yi and Lin Qian had an improper relationship.

“No wonder she could get so far!”

“No wonder she has so many good songs!”

“It was Lin Qian who secretly helped her!”

“It’s over. She must be the champion this time!”

Complaints came one after another, criticizing the unfairness of the competition and Ming Yi’s attempts to cheat.