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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 346 - Special

Chapter 346: Special

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yun hung up the phone and sat by the bed, sighing heavily.

When she faced Lu Chen, she always felt helpless, as if no matter how she schemed, she could not escape from Lu Chen.

Lin Yun was helpless, but she could only think of a way to stay away from Lu Chen.

“Have you heard? Lin Qian will give us a demonstration tonight. We can see his performance with our own eyes. It’s simply too blissful!” A voice sounded from outside Lin Yun’s door, successfully attracting her attention.

The soundproofing of the door was not bad. For her to hear it like this, it was obvious that the other party’s voice was not low.

When Lin Yun heard that person’s voice, she heard others echo, “I heard that Lin Qian is going to use his famous song this time! Is he encouraging us to debut successfully like him?”

“Dream on! I’m afraid the champion has already been decided!” Someone snorted.

“It’s decided? Who?”

“Who else could it be? That person who came in with special privileges!”

“Otherwise, do you think it can still be that arrogant Missy!”

“Sigh, I originally thought that Lin Yu would win the championship. After all, her first performance was too stunning!”

“Although her opening was as fierce as a tiger, the follow-up is insufficient!”

Lin Yun listened to the voices of those people gradually fade away.

She knew that those people had deliberately stood at her door and discussed loudly.

After all, she was the only one who had gotten so far with special privileges.

Especially after the production team agreed that she could maintain her appearance, some people even thought that she was going to use such a disguise to hunt for novelty and attract more attention.

Lin Yun only smiled at these rumors.

She would only show her true colors to everyone at the most critical moment!

And all of this was a gift she had prepared for Lin Yu!

The content of the training at night was relatively simple. Everyone seemed to be looking forward to Lin Qian’s performance and was in no mood to participate in the training.

Lin Yun was also very curious about what kind of performance Lin Qian would bring.

Ever since she found out Lin Qian’s true identity, Lin Yun looked up Lin Qian’s previous activities and watched some videos of him.

However, Lin Qian’s gentle and affectionate voice and lyrical style were not what Lin Yun liked.

Because of this, Lin Yun sighed that she couldn’t become Second Brother’s fan.

However, for a celebrity with tens of millions of fans, one fan less was nothing.

Under the arrangements of the production team, everyone had to be in charge of tidying up and cleaning the training room after training.

However, there were those who wanted to be special and did not want to participate in such things that only low-level people would do.

One of them was Li Jing…

She placed one hand on her waist and looked at the few training cushions stacked in front of her. She pinched her nose with the other hand and said, “Do you want me to move these dirty things?”

“I can’t stand it!” Li Jing said as she waved her hand at the tip of her nose in disdain as if she had smelled something strange.

She turned to Lin Yu, who was resting at the side and said, “Xiaoyu, sit there and don’t move. Such a job is not for people of our status!”

“I really don’t understand why the production team made such an arrangement!”

“How annoying!”

A contestant who walked past her snorted. “Why? Missy is precious. If you can use these things to train, can’t you move them away with your hands?”

“Do you think the things you used are too dirty, or do you think we deserve to be your servants!”

The person spoke quite loudly, immediately attracting the attention of the surrounding people.

Those people also gathered toward the two of them.

Lin Yu originally sat there and wanted to use the excuse of resting to silently wait for the others to finish their work before showing off.

Unexpectedly, her carefully devised plan was ruined by this idiot in front of her!

Lin Yu glanced at Li Jing and stood up unwillingly.

She was about to pick up a rack beside her that was used to train the contestants’ figures when Li Jing stopped her. “Xiaoyu, don’t do this. What if you dirty your hands?”

Lin Yu almost wanted to use that rack to knock Li Jing’s head a few times. Why was this person so ignorant of the ways of the world?