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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 343 - Long Time No See

Chapter 343: Long Time No See

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Seeing that Lin Qian was surrounded by a group of women and was struggling, Lin Yu deliberately cleared her throat and stood at a distance. “If you stop him like this, he won’t be able to walk in.”

Although a few people were very dissatisfied with Lin Yu’s act of pretending to be reserved, everyone obediently made way for Lin Qian.

To Lin Qian, this path was simply the same as the path Tripitaka took when he walked into the Coiled Silk Cave.

However, his target was right in front of him. He could not back down!

At this moment, Ning Kun walked to his side and said enthusiastically, “Everyone, Lin Qian is here to give everyone pre-match guidance. Get familiar with everyone first!”

“Everyone, please move aside and give Lin Qian some space to communicate with everyone!”

With Ning Kun’s words, the group of women immediately stood aside obediently, not daring to stand in front of Lin Qian anymore.

Lin Qian finally had room to move and took a few more steps toward Ming Yi.

At this moment, Lin Yu came in front of Lin Qian and carefully sized up his mask.

Lin Qian gently touched his mask and said, “I’m sorry, you’re blocking my way.”

Hearing Lin Qian’s voice, Lin Yu frowned slightly. She felt that it was a little familiar, but it wasn’t her impression of Second Brother’s voice.

As Lin Yu was thinking, she heard someone sneer, “What? You want us to make way but you’re blocking him?”

“Do you think your status as the daughter of the Lin family is higher than ours?”

“Let me tell you, our Lin Qian is not the kind of person who will bow down to money!”

“That’s right! Don’t think about defiling my idol with your family’s stinky money!”

Hearing the excited condemnation of the women, Lin Qian couldn’t help but smile behind the mask.

Indeed, it took a woman to deal with an annoying woman!

Lin Yu was condemned by a large group of people. She looked at Lin Qian aggrievedly. “They said that about me, you…”

Before Lin Yu could finish, she heard Han Fang say, “Don’t pretend to be so pitiful. Your fierce look doesn’t match your current face!”

Hearing Han Fang’s words, Lin Yu’s expression darkened.

However, on second thought, if the person in front of her was really her second brother, he should have stood up for her!

Although their relationship had never been good, Lin Qian had never let those people off!

Lin Yu frowned, suspecting that Lin Qian was not her second brother.

Lin Qian ignored Lin Yu and walked toward Ming Yi.

Lin Qian came to Ming Yi’s side and extended his hand. “Hello! Ming Yi! I’ve heard a lot about you!”

After Lin Qian’s actions, Lin Yu thought that the other contestants would erupt into another uproar.

After all, it was Lin Qian who took the initiative to greet a contestant and was so enthusiastic. It would definitely make his fans unhappy!

However, the other contestants were all staring at Ming Yi, as if they were waiting for her next move.

Ming Yi generously reached out and held Lin Qian’s hand, saying softly, “Same to you!”

Lin Qian looked at Mingyi’s hand in a daze.

It was not until Ming Yi retracted her hand that Lin Qian coughed twice to hide his loss of composure.

He looked at Ming Yi thoughtfully before turning to the other contestants. “Everyone, I’m very happy to see everyone today! I look forward to everyone’s exciting performance in the next two days!”

“I still have other things to do. See you in the practice room later!”

After Lin Qian finished speaking, he nodded slightly at the contestants and left under Ning Kun’s escort.

As soon as Lin Qian left, someone muttered softly, “Lin Qian is clearly here for Ming Yi!”

“Could it be that the champion of this competition is Ming Yi?”

“I don’t believe Lin Qian will participate in such a shady business! He must have taken a fancy to Ming Yi’s talent!”

“In my opinion, it’s understandable for the production team to arrange this. Ming Yi came in with special privileges!”

“But she’s indeed capable!”

Amidst the argument, Lin Yu clenched her fists and looked at Ming Yi with hatred.

She had taken the initiative to approach him, but Lin Qian was actually indifferent. Instead, he was so concerned about this woman who covered her face!

Even if this Lin Qian wasn’t her second brother, was he blind?

Couldn’t he tell that she was stronger and more elegant than this Mingyi?