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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 338 - Intimate

Chapter 338: Intimate

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yu was planning her little scheme, knowing the production team had already secretly recorded their words and actions.

Lin Yun was already aware of all of this.

She had always appeared mysterious, so she just sat in the corner without saying anything.

Lin Yu pretended to be a young lady from a good family and tried her best to convince those dissatisfied voices.

A moment later, Ding Ning came in through a side door.

She looked around at everyone’s faces and finally settled on Ming Yi.

What charm did this Ming Yi have?

Why did the higher-ups care so much about her and even asked her to come over to check on Ming Yi?

Ding Ning looked at Ming Yi’s face covered by the black veil for a long time before shifting her gaze to Lin Yu.

Lin Yu was a tactful person, but Ding Ning was a little disgusted by her.

Ding Ning took a deep breath and decided to give these ignorant little fellows a little enlightenment.

She stood on the stage and faced all the contestants. “From today onwards, you will enter the room arranged for you by the production team.”

“As you can see today, we’ve installed hidden cameras in the public areas. We also hope that you can show your true selves as much as possible.”

“The official competition will be held three nights later.”

As Ding Ning spoke, her gaze narrowed slightly. Then, she stared at the contestants in front of her with bright eyes again. “From tonight onwards, there will be specialized trainers in charge of your bearing and basic training.”

“Before the competition, the production team will prepare clothes and props for you. This time, I hope everyone can perform better.”

After Ding Ning finished announcing, her eyes paused on each contestant before finally landing on Ming Yi.

She wanted to see what kind of charm this contestant who had obtained special privileges all the way had.

Ding Yu had watched the previous competition. She acknowledged that Ming Yi was indeed capable and that her overall performance was better than those of the other contestants.

However, this person was strange and did not meet the image requirements of their show. This was also the reason why she could not accept Ming Yi.

Ding Ning took a deep breath to stop herself from facing the contestants in front of her with personal emotions.

“Sister Ding, how are our mentors arranged? Didn’t we say that we have to have guest mentors?” Someone couldn’t help but ask.

Han Fang also widened her eyes and looked at Ding Yu. “That’s right! Sister Ding, I think I saw Lin Qian today. Is he coming to our show too? Is he a guest?”

Ding Yu looked at the excited contestants and said indifferently, “You will know how we have arranged it tomorrow.”

“As for Lin Qian, you’ve seen it today. We’ve indeed invited Lin Qian to be our guest for this episode, and he might even become your mentor in the future.”

“So, you have to perform well!” Ding Ning did not forget to remind them again.

The contestants were all excited, wishing they could be the lucky ones chosen by Lin Qian.

Although Qi Hao was also a strong singer, he was still inferior to Lin Qian.

A look of determination flashed across Lin Yu’s eyes.

Was this Lin Qian her second brother? She had to figure it out!

She would never give up this opportunity! She had no other way out!

Lin Yun glanced in Lin Yu’s direction and saw the scheming in her eyes.

Looking at Lin Yu, she should only be guessing Lin Qian’s true identity…

It seemed that she needed to have a chat with her second brother!


After listening to Ding Ning’s lecture, all the contestants returned to their rooms to wait for the next arrangements.

Lin Yu picked up her phone and walked out of the room to the small garden outside the building.

She had to make a call to clarify Lin Qian’s matter. She couldn’t let those idiots hear it!

Lin Yu dialed the number and waited for a long time.

Lin Yu frowned and pressed another number.

After a while, the call finally connected.

Lin Yu’s face was filled with smiles as she called out sweetly into the microphone, “Mom!”

On the other end of the phone, Pei Man looked at the number on the phone in surprise and put the phone back to her ear. “Xiaoyu?”

How many years had it been since Lin Yu spoke to her so intimately?