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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 336 - Lin Yu’s Warning

Chapter 336: Lin Yu’s Warning

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yu slammed the phone on the table angrily and sat on the bed angrily.

Liang Huan turned around and looked at Lin Yu’s angry expression with a gloating smile.

“Lin Yu, why are you so concerned about Lin Qian? Are you planning to get in through the back door?” Liang Huan sized Lin Yu up and felt a little strange.

“Even if the Lin family is rich and powerful, let me tell you, you can forget about getting involved with Lin Qian! Many famous families have tried to use their wealth to approach Lin Qian, but they have never succeeded!”

“I heard from others that Lin Qian is going to be a guest for this episode. I don’t know what role he will play yet. But don’t even think about it. At least with a super idol like Lin Qian, he can’t be bothered with you!”

Hearing Liang Huan’s words, Lin Yu’s expression became uglier. When did she say she wanted to rely on the Lin Family to become a super idol? She just wanted to confirm if this was the same Lin Qian she suspected!

If that was really the case, why did that person watch her suffer? As an apology, that person should help her successfully clear the level and win the competition! That person owed her everything!

Lin Yu’s eyes lit up. She could already sense that the championship was hers!

Liang Huan looked at Lin Yu’s expression and sneered. She turned around and planned to ignore her.

She had thought that the story of the real and fake daughter of the Lin family, which had been spreading like wildfire, was a big deal!

In the end, it was said that the fake daughter could not stand the poverty of her biological family and found a cripple as a backer.

As for the real daughter…

She was a two-faced woman.

In the previous few competitions, Liang Huan, like everyone else, felt that Lin Yu was as gentle and graceful as reported in the news.

At that time, she had even lamented that Lin Yu had gone to the wrong family since she was young. Her background was pitiful and she felt that Lin Yu had suffered a lot.

Now, she couldn’t help but wonder how many people Lin Yu had wronged!


“Xiao Yun has been saying that she has something on these few days and won’t be coming back for dinner. Will she…” Pei Man flipped through the book in her hand absent-mindedly as she spoke.

Lin Ting was preparing the menu for the banquet at the Lin family restaurant. Without looking up, he said, “Didn’t you just call her yesterday and say that she wouldn’t be back until a few days later?”

Pei Man turned around and glared at Lin Ting. “What do you mean? Is it wrong for me to care about my daughter?”

“When she was bullied in the Lin family, you didn’t stand up for her!” Pei Man said angrily. “Now that she’s been brought back, she’s refusing to come back and live with me…”

As Pei Man spoke, she sighed heavily. “Am I really not fated to have a daughter…”

Lin Ting looked up at Pei Man. “Why don’t we have another child who’s fated to be with you?”

Pei Man blushed and glared at Lin Ting. “You’re like this when your children aren’t around…”

Pei Man couldn’t continue and could only lower her head to continue flipping through the book in her hand.

Lin Ting appeared to be to writing the menu, but the pen in his hand paused and didn’t continue.

On Xiao Yun’s side… everything should be going smoothly, right?

… .

“All contestants, please gather at the venue!” A loud shout came from the corridor, followed by the sound of knocking on the door of every room.

Lin Yun tidied her makeup in front of the mirror and checked the feather necklace again before walking out of the room.

Lin Yu opened the door and saw Ming Yi and Han Fang.

Her expression darkened. When she walked past Ming Yi, she subconsciously stopped.

Lin Yun didn’t know what Lin Yu was planning to do, so she stood at the door and waited quietly.

Lin Yu stood still and glanced at Ming Yi. “Mind your own business in the future.”

After Lin Yu finished speaking, she raised her head slightly and strode forward.

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows, finding Lin Yu’s warning a little ridiculous.

Han Fang saw all of this and walked towards Ming Yi from the door. She asked with concern, “What did she say to you? Is it because of me?”

Ming Yi shook her head and smiled. “It’s nothing! It’s just a child’s warning. You don’t have to take it to heart.”

Hearing Ming Yi’s words, Han Fang bit her lower lip and said softly, “I’m sorry, I implicated you!”

Ming Yi smiled. “It’s none of your business. She doesn’t know I helped you.”

Han Fang opened her mouth to say something, but in the end, she only sighed.

Han Fang and Ming Yi walked side by side. Behind them, Liang Huan looked at them meaningfully as they walked off.