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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 332 - Watching a Show

Chapter 332: Watching a Show

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Who were you talking about just now?” Lin Yu asked Han Fang coldly.

Han Fang was originally excited, but Lin Yu’s attitude made her instantly lose the mood to share.

She glared at Lin Yu and turned to leave.

Lin Yu naturally wouldn’t let her go just like that. She reached out to grab Han Fang’s arm.

Han Fang didn’t notice Lin Yu’s actions. When she walked past Lin Yun, she didn’t forget to thank her.

She originally thought that this mysterious Ming Yi would be a person who didn’t care about the world, but she didn’t expect her to come out to check because she was worried about her.

Although it was a mistake, since the other party was concerned about her, she should thank her.

Lin Yun also nodded at Han Fang, not taking this matter to heart.

Thinking that Lin Qian was so popular with fans even with a mask on, she felt that her “strange clothes” could probably be maintained for the time being.

While Lin Yun was in a daze, she saw Lin Yu catch up to Han Fang in a few steps and grab her.

Because Lin Yu’s movements were too strong, Han Fang didn’t react for a moment. After being pulled by Lin Yu, she subconsciously retaliated.

Unexpectedly, Han Fang slapped Lin Yu’s face.

For a moment, they were both stunned.

When Han Fang reacted, she immediately apologized to Lin Yu. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you! I didn’t do it on purpose!”

Lin Yu covered her slightly hot face, but her eyes were filled with anger. “You did it on purpose! I told you to stop, but you didn’t stop. You even hit me!”

Han Fang was speechless.

Han Fang did hear Lin Yu calling her, but she didn’t intend to pay attention to her.

However, Lin Yu’s rude behavior frightened her, so she subconsciously counterattacked.

Lin Yu’s responsibility was clearly greater!

Lin Yun stood at the side, not knowing how to react.

At this moment, their argument quickly attracted the attention of several people.

Someone saw the traces of redness on Lin Yu’s face and determined that Han Fang was the one who hit her. She started to scold Han Fang. Han Fang was naturally not to be outdone and tried her best to explain herself.

However, with Lin Yu looking hurt, Han Fang had no way of proving that she had reacted subconsciously because she was frightened.

At a loss for words, she looked at Ming Yi, who was standing at the side.

“Ming Yi, you saw everything, right?! Tell them that I didn’t do it on purpose!” Han Fang grabbed Ming Yi’s hand and begged anxiously.

A few people who wanted to curry favor with Lin Yu had already said, “You’re really funny. You found an innocent Ming Yi to be your witness!”

“Do you think she’ll interfere in this matter?”

When that person said this, Han Fang immediately hesitated. However, when she recalled how Ming Yi came out to check because she was worried about her, she didn’t seem like the kind of person who would keep people at arm’s length!

Han Fang gritted her teeth and looked at Ming Yi. “Please, tell the truth…”

Seeing Han Fang’s pitiful look, Lin Yun turned to look at the people who were clearly watching the show.

If anyone found out that there was a fight backstage, the person involved would definitely be embroiled in scandals.

Lin Yun did not want to be embroiled in a public opinion controversy. At the very least, she did not want to cause trouble for herself before the competition ended.

She shook her head and said apologetically to Han Fang, “I’m sorry! I didn’t see clearly…”

Hearing Ming Yi’s words, the surrounding people indeed took it for granted.

From the looks of it, they would soon have one less opponent!

Han Fang’s expression was filled with disappointment, but she knew that she could not force Ming Yi to testify for her.

Her lips twitched slightly. “It’s fine. I can handle my own matters.”

She turned to Lin Yu and said, “Lin Yu, I apologize again. It’s my fault. I accidentally hit you…”

“It’s my fault for hitting you. Please forgive me!”

Han Fang apologized sincerely, but the others around her did not intend to let her off so easily.

“Is an apology enough? Don’t you know that we’re going to be interviewed tonight?”

“I think Han Fang deliberately did this to embarrass Lin Yu!”

“This person is really black-hearted!”

“How can we live with such a person? It’s too dangerous!”

“Yes! Tell her to withdraw from the competition! Kick her out!”