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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 34 - Erasing Everything

Chapter 34: Erasing Everything

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Recalling her previous life, not long after Lin Yu was brought back to the Lin family, Lin Yun’s friends broke off all contact with her.

On the day Lin Yun was urged home by the Lin couple, Lin Yu and her friends dragged her shopping.

Lin Yun rarely attended such boring schedules.

However, Lin Yu pitifully told Wang Lan that she barely went to the mall because of her family’s difficulties. After that, Wang Lan urged Lin Yun to bring Lin Yu along.

She even reminded Lin Yun to take good care of Lin Yu to prevent her from being ostracized by others.

Lin Yun didn’t want to comment on whether Lin Yu had been ostracized or not. That day, Lin Yun had been ordered around by Lin Yu like a nanny. Even now, she had not forgotten about it!

If it weren’t for the Lin couple and Lin Yu, she wouldn’t have injured her constitution before she fully recovered.

Later on, whenever there was wind or rain, her wound would hurt like it was being torn apart.

Due to her weak constitution, Lin Yun was constantly suffering from serious illnesses.

Until the morning before she was killed by Lin Yu, Lin Yun was still in the hospital doing a follow-up!

Lin Yun felt bitter when she thought of her pathetic self in her previous life.

She gently closed the album, opened the bottom shelf of the cabinet, and placed the album inside.

She walked over to the bed and picked up the pendant Wing had sent her. Lin Yun was wondering if she should ask Luna how to use this when she heard a message on her phone.

“Dark One, did you get the message?” She opened the hidden software and saw Luna’s message.

“I got it! It’s a beautiful pendant!” Lin Yun immediately replied.

“Don’t underestimate it!”

“There is a hidden voice changer in it. When you need it, put it on your chest and you can change your voice according to your needs!”

“Cool! Isn’t this like Detective Conan?” Lin Yun couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s not all!” Luna quickly replied.

“This pendant has an external communication device. If you need to contact me urgently, you can use it to reach me!”

Lin Yun held the pendant and looked at it over and over again. She realized that the diamond inlaid position seemed a little different.

After confirming the use of the pendant with Luna, Lin Yun put it away again.

She turned on the computer and entered Wing’s mission interface. Lin Yun looked at the reward she had just received and her lips curled up unconsciously.

Ten million dollars was not a lot according to the mission she had accepted before.

However, because of this mission, Lin Yun had an unexpected harvest!

In her previous life, she had yet to enter “Wing” at this time and had missed this opportunity!

The protagonist of the mission was a person who called himself “Shuangmu”. His request was to erase a person’s past and rebuild a perfect life.

And the person whose past was erased was none other than Lin Yu!

Initially, Lin Yun thought that the person who issued the mission was Lin Yu herself, but when she saw the other party bid 1 million, Lin Yun knew who he was!

Given Lin Yu’s current situation in the Lin family, she could not easily fork out one million yuan.

This ‘Shuangmu’ was probably Lin Cheng!

However, Lin Cheng was too stingy, so no one was willing to accept this mission even after it was issued for two days.

As a newcomer, Dark One accepting this mission did not arouse the curiosity of others.

After accepting the mission, Lin Yun spent a day carefully going through all the information related to Lin Yu.

It could be said that her worldview had been overturned!

There were more than a hundred lines of Lin Yu’s “glorious achievements”.

This includes various filing and disciplinary announcements by schools, communities, and even police stations.

Although Lin Yun knew that Lin Yu wasn’t kind, she didn’t expect her to be evil from the inside!

Lin Yun couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. She must have been blind in her previous life to be fooled by Lin Yu like this.

Or perhaps, it was because of the sudden change in her background that caused her to lose her ability to judge due to the repeated gaslighting by the Lin couple!

No matter what, Lin Yun would not be deceived by them again in this life!

Lin Yu’s past was erased, and she created a perfect image of the Lin family’s daughter leading a wandering life. At the same time, Lin Yun did not forget to make a copy of the real information.

Since Lin Cheng wanted the former Lin Yu to disappear, Lin Yun couldn’t let go of such an opportunity!