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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 311 - The Untraceable Ming Yi

Chapter 311: The Untraceable Ming Yi

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Fu Heng put the cushion aside and stared at Lu Chen. “Third Brother, I really tried my best to investigate Ming Yi, but every time Ming Yi participated in the competition, she would disappear!”

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and looked at Fu Heng as if he was looking at an idiot. “Surveillance cameras?”

Fu Heng sighed dejectedly. “Can you not really treat me like an idiot!”

“Of course, I know to retrieve the surveillance camera footage!” Fu Heng shook his head helplessly and sighed.

“But every time Ming Yi’s whereabouts are captured, the surveillance equipment in that place will be inexplicably damaged at a critical moment.”

“Damaged?” Lu Chen repeated Fu Heng’s words.

Fu Heng paused for a moment before saying, “To be precise, they were hacked!”

“Do you know who did it?” Lu Chen’s gaze changed slightly as he asked.

Fu Heng shook his head and continued, “I didn’t find anything…”

“Ming Yi?” Lu Chen thought of the most likely person and couldn’t help but call her name.

“How is that possible! She’s being filmed by the surveillance equipment. How could she have the time…” Fu Heng immediately retorted.

Ning Kun realized who Lu Chen was referring to. “CEO Fu, is it possible that it’s the hacker Ming Yi who attacked the Lu Corporation previously?”

Only then did Fu Heng realize that he had misunderstood Lu Chen’s words. He carefully glanced at Lu Chen and saw that he had no reaction. He finally felt a little relieved.

However, Fu Heng still denied Ning Kun’s guess.

“At first, I wondered if it was Dark One aka Ming Yi. After all, I sent two teams to track him, but I didn’t find anything.”

Fu Heng seemed to be used to his subordinates’ incompetence. He said such words without blushing.

Lu Chen narrowed his eyes and began to wonder if Fu Heng was capable of bearing heavy responsibility.

Fu Heng didn’t notice Lu Chen’s reaction and continued, “This person’s trajectory and programming habits are a little different from Dark One. It shouldn’t be the same person.”

Hearing Fu Heng’s explanation, Lu Chen decided to keep Fu Heng for a while to observe if he would improve…

Fu Heng did not notice Lu Chen’s psychological change. He only hugged his head in distress and sighed. “Who exactly is this Mingyi!”

“How can I sign with her!”

Seeing that Fu Heng was about to break down, Ning Kun hurriedly comforted him. “Isn’t the next round of the new Masked King competition the day after tomorrow?”

“Perhaps CEO Fu can take this opportunity to have a good chat with Ming Yi?”

Fu Heng looked up at Ning Kun with a sorrowful expression. “You don’t know… Ever since we raised the matter of Ming Yi plagiarizing, Ming Yi refused to communicate with Tian Le alone…”

“She only said that the next competition will be an opportunity to find out the truth and will cooperate with us, but further collaboration… is out of the question!”

Fu Heng looked at Lu Chen with a bitter expression.

Lu Chen had no intention of pitying him. “You deserve it.”

When Fu Heng heard this, he sighed heavily. “I knew that Third Brother wouldn’t have any sympathy at all.”

“I’m using my trump card, Lin Qian, this time. But I’m not sure if he can succeed.”

As Fu Heng spoke, he threw the cushion to the side and lay down on the sofa. “I’ll leave the rest to fate!”

Lu Chen couldn’t be bothered with him. He looked at him and said, “Did Old Master arrange another blind date for you?”

When Fu Heng heard Lu Chen’s words, his entire body froze.

He tilted his head and looked at Lu Chen. “How did you know?”

“You’ll only find these messy reasons to come to me when you’re hiding from Old Master,” Lu Chen said concisely.

Ning Kun immediately looked at Lu Chen with admiration.

Fu Heng turned around and sighed heavily. “Why didn’t Old Master ever arrange these annoying things for you?”

Lu Chen did not respond. After a while, Fu Heng seemed to answer his own question. “Yes! Old Master couldn’t control you! So he used all his strength on me!”

“You’re clearly his paternal grandson. Why does he have to control me, a maternal grandson!”

Fu Heng sighed at the injustice and wanted to cry.

Lu Chen had already taken the tablet from Ning Kun and was checking the information on it.

He lowered his head slightly and said calmly, “Be obedient.”