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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 310 - Old Love with Brother Qi

Chapter 310: Old Love with Brother Qi

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yu lowered her hat. Even in the middle of the night, she didn’t want anyone to notice her identity.

After saying these words to Zhu Huan tonight, she thought that Zhu Huan’s not-so-good brain would be able to come up with a “suitable” idea.

Lin Yu didn’t care what Zhu Huan planned to do. She just wanted to use Zhu Huan to create trouble for Lin Yun.

Lin Yu walked out of the fishing village and was about to walk towards the spot where she had parked when she saw a bright silver sports car parked not far away.

Lin Yu’s face revealed surprise and fear. She gritted her teeth and gradually calmed down.

Walking to the car, Lin Yu got into the car. She glanced at the man sitting in the car and called obediently, “Brother Qi…”

Brother Qi, who had a buzz cut and dark skin, was leaning against the car door and looking at Lin Yu in amusement.

“I haven’t seen you these days. You’ve kept a low profile.” Brother Qi had a smile on his face, but his eyes were filled with unbridled aggression.

Lin Yu immediately felt a little uncomfortable, but she could only lower her head slightly and whisper, “My identity is different from before. I need to be careful.”

Brother Qi nodded as if he understood. Then, he reached out and placed his hand on Lin Yu’s shoulder. “I’ve already arranged for someone to do what you asked me to do.”

“But why didn’t you tell Brother Qi that you were coming back tonight?”

“If our subordinates hadn’t discovered that you had secretly come to the fishing village, we would have missed a chance to meet.”

As Brother Qi spoke, his hand had already reached down and grabbed Lin Yu’s hand.

Lin Yu’s body stiffened and she hurriedly said, “Brother Qi is really forgetful. Didn’t we already meet in the afternoon?”

However, Brother Qi smiled and tightened his grip. “Not enough!”

Lin Yu’s body stiffened even more. She tried to break free from Brother Qi’s hand but found that she couldn’t.

With a smile on her face, she begged, “Brother Qi, if I return to the Lin family too late, they will definitely be worried about me.”

“Besides, I haven’t done what Brother Qi instructed me to do. I…”

However, Brother Qi exerted some force and pulled Lin Yu into his arms, interrupting her.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll get someone to send you back later.” Brother Qi’s voice sounded above Lin Yu’s head, but Lin Yu couldn’t help but shiver.

She didn’t dare to breathe loudly and could only use a weak voice to try to hide her fear. “Thank you, Brother Qi. I’ll go back first.”

When Brother Qi heard Lin Yu’s anxious words, he couldn’t help but laugh. “You haven’t changed at all…”

After saying that, Brother Qi let go of Lin Yu. “Are you really so afraid of me?”

Lin Yu lowered her head, not daring to look up at Brother Qi’s face.

She shook her head heavily and said, “No!”

Brother Qi gently tucked Lin Yu’s hair behind her ear and accidentally touched her cheek.

Lin Yu’s breathing stopped instantly, and she didn’t dare to move.

Brother Qi sighed softly and said, “I thought that we were the most intimate in the past. I didn’t expect you to become like this after returning to the Lin family.”

“I shouldn’t have let you go back!” Brother Qi sighed helplessly.

Lin Yu didn’t say anything, but hatred flashed across her eyes.

“Let’s go! Get someone to send you back! I’ll do what you asked of me as soon as possible.” After saying that, Brother Qi rolled down the window and said to the guard in the distance, “Send Miss Lin back safely.”

The guard immediately bowed and accepted the order.

Lin Yu opened the door and got out of the car. Under the escort of the guards, she walked towards her car.

With every step she took, the hatred in her eyes deepened.

“No one can destroy my life in the Lin family! No one!” Lin Yu shouted in her heart.

… .

Lu Chen leaned against the sofa and looked at Fu Heng, who was hugging a cushion with a sad expression.

He pinched the space between his eyebrows in frustration.

After a long time, he finally said impatiently, “If you have anything to say, just say it. Don’t stay here like you’ve been abandoned!”

Fu Heng blinked and looked at Lu Chen before sighing heavily.

Lu Chen finally couldn’t take it anymore. He instructed Ning Kun, “Throw him out!”

Although Ning Kun knew that Lu Chen was just joking, he still walked toward Fu Heng dutifully.

When Fu Heng saw Ning Kun walking over, he immediately raised his hand to stop him. “Don’t! I’ll talk!”