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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 305 - For You

Chapter 305: For You

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It was noisy outside. In the private room, Lin Yun pushed Lu Chen to the table and walked to the opposite seat to sit down.

The two of them were silent for a moment.

Lin Yun even missed the time when Ning Kun was with Lu Chen.

At least, the atmosphere would not be so awkward.

“Do you really want to know what’s going on outside?” Lu Chen suddenly asked Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment. She didn’t even think of caring about the people outside.

After all, one was her sister in name, and the other was her former fiancé.

Seeing that Lin Yun was a little stunned, Lu Chen frowned slightly before continuing, “Don’t worry, Ning Kun won’t make things difficult for them.”

Lin Yun casually replied, “Oh.” It was the end of this topic.

Lu Chen didn’t say anything else. He just lowered his head and touched the cup in front of him, thinking about something.

Lin Yun finally adjusted her emotions and asked Lu Chen, “You said that you wanted to talk to me about the Lin family.”

Lu Chen slowly raised his head and looked at Lin Yun with an ambiguous smile. “I thought Miss Lin wasn’t in the mood to talk to me about this now.”

Lin Yun tilted her head and revealed a playful smile. “How can that be! This is what I’ve been most interested in recently!”

Hearing Lin Yun’s words, Lu Chen’s expression became clearer. “In that case, let’s talk in detail.”

“Recently, many scandals about the Lin Corporation have been exposed. I wonder if Miss Lin has followed them,” Lu Chen said softly. His tone sounded like he was talking about the warm weather today.

Although Lin Yun looked calm on the surface, she couldn’t help but shout in her heart, “Of course I know. I dug them out!”

Lin Yun did not let her pride show, but her eyes shone so brightly that Lu Chen’s expression froze slightly.

Seeing that Lu Chen did not move for a while, Lin Yun blinked and called out, “CEO Lu, CEO Lu?”

Lu Chen came back to his senses and coughed lightly to ease the awkwardness. “I’ve sent someone to investigate the Lin family’s recent big businesses. Almost every one of them is in a state of loss.”

“Especially the cooperation with the Zheng family…” Lu Chen paused.

Lin Yun listened attentively, her expression unchanged.

Lu Chen coughed lightly again before continuing, “I think you know about Old Master Wang’s matter. You should also weigh in who the mastermind is.”

“The Wang family is the only thing the Lin family can rely on now. If the Wang family is uprooted, the Lin family will definitely collapse completely.”

“If Miss Lin wants to swallow the Lin Corporation in one go, this should be the best opportunity.”

Hearing Lu Chen’s words, Lin Yun’s eyes darted around before she burst out laughing.

“CEO Lu, you think too highly of me!” Lin Yun couldn’t help but laugh. “With my ability, how can I really swallow the Lin Corporation all at once?”

“You can,” Lu Chen answered Lin Yun without thinking.

Lin Yun waved her hand and said, “You think too highly of me!”

Lu Chen said firmly again, “With Jin Yan around, you can!”

Lin Yun was shocked by Lu Chen’s words. She did not expect Lu Chen to have already found out about her relationship with Jin Yan.

However, after thinking about it, with Lu Chen’s intelligence and deep thoughts, it was not difficult for him to figure out her relationship with Jin Yan.

Lin Yun didn’t intend to hide anything. Anyway, she couldn’t hide it.

“That’s right. I asked Jin Yan to help me make some investments, but those are far from enough…” This time, Lin Yun’s expression became serious. Her smile from before had disappeared.

Lu Chen looked at Lin Yun deeply before saying again, “I’m here.”

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment before realizing what Lu Chen meant.

Was he saying that he was willing to deal with Lin Cheng for Lin Yun?

Was he willing to take down the Lin Corporation for her?

Lin Yun didn’t dare to think further.

She suddenly found it difficult to breathe. She tried her best to take a few deep breaths before saying again, “CEO Lu, if it’s to repay me for the blood transfusion I gave you previously, I’ve already said that…”

Lu Chen did not let Lin Yun finish and said, “No! I did it for you!”

Lin Yun was stunned. She didn’t know when Lu Chen had become such a straightforward person!