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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 302 - Lin Yun’s Choice

Chapter 302: Lin Yun’s Choice

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yu looked at Lin Yun as if she was looking at a pitiful person.

She secretly laughed in her heart. She looked down on Lin Yun for only having the charm to attract a cripple in a wheelchair!

Just as Lin Yu was about to turn to speak to Zheng Yu, she saw Zheng Yu staring at Lu Chen as if he was facing a great enemy.

Lin Yu frowned and reached out to touch Zheng Yu’s arm.

Zheng Yu didn’t seem to feel anything. He reached out and pulled Lin Yun. “Xiao Yun, I have something to tell you. Come out with me.”

The moment Zheng Yu touched her arm, Lin Yun immediately shook his hand off.

She was not deliberately putting on a show for anyone, nor was she worried that Lu Chen would misunderstand something. Instead, she hated Zheng Yu’s touch from the bottom of her heart.

When Zheng Yu held her arm just now, she already felt nauseous. Now, she felt even worse…

Zheng Yu didn’t seem to expect Lin Yun to do this. He was stunned for a moment before saying softly to Lin Yun, “Xiao Yun, don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. I just… want to talk to you.”

Before Lin Yun could speak, Lin Yu spoke first. “Brother Zheng Yu, let’s leave with Sister first. There are many people here, so it’s not convenient to talk.”

This time, Zheng Yu did not reject her.

Zheng Yu nodded, but he didn’t look at Lin Yu the entire time.

Lin Yu gritted her teeth and gestured to Li Ting and the others.

Ni Tang reacted first and instructed the lobby manager, “Hurry up and get us another private room!”

“How could you let us stay here and get surrounded by random people!”

Ni Tang wanted to show off in front of Lin Yun, but she did not expect the lobby manager to ignore her.

The lobby manager stood rooted to the ground and looked at Lu Chen with a troubled expression. Then, he looked at Lin Yun timidly. “Miss Lin, I really didn’t know that you were here for CEO Lu’s appointment today.”

“Please forgive me for being unreasonable just now. I’ll lead the way for you now,” the lobby manager said as he lowered his head and walked to Lin Yun’s side.

Ni Tang didn’t know Lu Chen. Seeing the lobby manager like this, she snorted unhappily. “What CEO Lu? I’ve never heard of a family with the surname Lu in the entire Sea City!”

Mimi chimed in, “That’s right! I don’t know where this nouveau riche came from, but he dares to show off in front of us!”

“Manager Tu, your efficiency isn’t good either!” Mimi sneered when she saw the lobby manager’s frightened look.

How could the lobby manager have the mood to care about these young ladies who did not know the hardships of the world and did not have good judgment?

He only hoped that he could keep his job!

Lin Yun looked at the lobby manager, who was half a head shorter than her, and then at Lu Chen, who was not far away.

Lu Chen did not speak again. Instead, he quietly waited for her decision.

It was up to Lin Yun to decide if she wanted to leave or continue with today’s appointment!

Lin Yun ignored Zheng Yu and the lobby manager beside her as she walked straight toward Lu Chen.

A smile gradually appeared on Lu Chen’s face, and his expression was much more relaxed than before.

Just as Lin Yun took two steps forward, Zheng Yu reached out to stop her, but Lin Yu stopped her. “Brother Zheng Yu, since Sister has an appointment, let’s not disturb her.”

“Let’s go!” Lin Yu said as she pulled Zheng Yu away.

Zheng Yu shook off Lin Yu’s hand in frustration. Before he could take two steps forward, he saw Lu Chen looking at him. “You want to snatch her from me?”

Lu Chen’s tone was flat.

However, it was this sentence that seemed to nail Zheng Yu’s feet to the ground, unable to move.

He naturally knew that he could not win against the man in front of him!

These ladies who only knew how to dress up at home and did not care about anything else naturally could not know this man in front of them.

Although this man often appeared in magazines and news, most of them were related to financial news or strategic contexts. These young ladies who only read fashion magazines and gossip news would not be aware of him.

But he was different!

How could he not know that Lu Chen was someone who could shake the business world of Sea City?

Zheng Yu was so persistent in stopping Lin Yun not only for his own selfish desires but more importantly, he wanted to figure out why that man wanted to stand up for Lin Yun!

What was their relationship?