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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 299 - A Spanner in the Works

Chapter 299: A Spanner in the Works

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yun roughly sorted out the content about the Lin family’s scandals and packed up to meet Lu Chen.

Lin Yun knew that with the current situation, she could not avoid seeing Lu Chen forever. However, she still needed to mentally prepare herself to face Lu Chen calmly.

Lin Yun arrived at the entrance of the restaurant she had agreed on with Lu Chen. She looked up at the sign and couldn’t help but smile.

In her previous life, Lu Chen liked to eat at this restaurant. He said that the taste of this restaurant reminded him of a chef who had passed away in the old residence.

At that time, Lin Yun was not interested in Lu Chen’s past, nor did she pay much attention to his preferences.

But now… after going around in circles, she was here again.

Lin Yun tidied her makeup and walked up the steps of the restaurant.

Although this restaurant was not considered a top-notch restaurant in Sea City, it was still a high-end consumer area with a per capita consumption of more than 1,000 dollars.

In other words, most of the people who came here were famous families in Sea City.

Although Lin Yun was already mentally prepared, she didn’t expect to bump into Mimi, Li Ting, and the others the moment she entered the restaurant.

Lin Yun could only secretly say that enemies were bound to meet on a narrow path. Without looking at those people, she walked toward the seat Lu Chen had reserved.

Lu Chen’s habits in this restaurant had not changed at all.

Lin Yun asked the doorman and confirmed that he was still in the seat closest to the observation deck.

In other words, Lin Yun had to walk through the entire restaurant to reach the private room closest to the observation deck.

Seeing that the two doormen were busy receiving guests, Lin Yun smiled at the doorman she was speaking with and walked in that direction.

Unexpectedly, after taking a few steps, she heard someone call her name from behind.

Lin Yun naturally recognized Mimi’s sharp and forced voice.

Lin Yun did not stop. Instead, she quickened her pace. She did not have so much time to waste on scheming against those women.

Lin Yun did not intend to pay attention to this sudden appearance. Unfortunately, she had only taken a few steps when someone grabbed her arm.

Lin Yun frowned in pain and stopped in her tracks. She glared at the woman who was holding her back. “What are you doing!”

Mimi was obviously shocked by Lin Yun. She was stunned and didn’t know what to say.

Li Ting also walked over at this moment.

She looked at Mimi, who was about to cry and instantly frowned. She looked like she wanted to defend Mimi. “Lin Yun, why are you bullying Mimi!”

“Which eye of yours saw me bullying her?” Lin Yun refused to show weakness and asked bluntly.

Li Ting raised her chin and glared at Lin Yun. “Look, she’s about to cry now. It’s all because of you!”

Lin Yun sneered and looked down at her arm that was held by Mimi. “Look at her. Who’s bullying who?”

As Lin Yun spoke, she raised her eyebrows, making Li Ting shiver.

In the past, even when they confronted Lin Yun, it was often Ling Na who rushed to the front. They were only responsible for cheering at the side.

Therefore, they had never really spoken to Lin Yun alone.

As for Ling Na, she had already left their small group because of what had happened previously.

Now that they had to face Lin Yun alone, they realized that Lin Yun was not that weak little princess who could be easily bullied!

Just as Li Ting was holding her breath and not knowing how to respond, Ni Tang, who had been chatting with the lobby manager, walked over.

The lobby manager, who was wearing a black suit and had a handkerchief sticking out of his chest pocket, walked over.

Ni Tang glanced at Lin Yun, then turned to look at Mimi and Li Ting.

“What’s going on?” Ni Tang frowned and raised her voice to ask Li Ting.

Ni Tang looked like she wanted everyone around her to pay attention to them.

Li Ting immediately understood. She looked at Ni Tang with an aggrieved expression and then at the “pitiful” Mimi.

“Mimi wanted to greet Lin Yun. After all, her status is different now. We don’t want her to feel inferior.In the end, not only did she not appreciate it, she even scolded Mimi. Look at Mimi’s aggrieved look. She’s almost crying!”

As Li Ting spoke, she glanced at Mimi.

Only then did Mimi react. She raised her hand to wipe the nonexistent tears from the corners of her eyes and whimpered as if she was really sad.