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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 291 - Old Master Wang’s Disease

Chapter 291: Old Master Wang’s Disease

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Because of Lin Han’s arrival, Wang Qi’s inexplicable nervousness eased a lot.

Although her relationship with Old Master Wang had always been quite tense, he was her biological grandfather after all. His sudden collapse really made Wang Qi afraid that he would fall seriously ill and never get up.

Moreover, Old Master Wang’s illness came too suddenly and was very strange. Although Wang Qi didn’t think too deeply about it at first, she felt that something was wrong after coming over overnight.

Wang Qi could not explain why Lin Han came. She just trusted him.

She told Lin Han her thoughts. Lin Han nodded and said, “I think you and Xiao Yun are worried about the same thing.”

“Take good care of your grandfather. I’ll go talk to the dean.” Lin Han patted Wang Qi’s shoulder and left the ward.

As soon as Lin Han walked out of the ward, the chief physician walked in. “Didn’t I say not to let unauthorized people enter the ward?”

“The patient is very weak now. He can’t be harassed by the outside world anymore!” The chief physician said impatiently.

Wang Qi tried her best to suppress her anger. After a while, she said, “That’s my cousin. I heard that my grandfather fainted, so I came to take a look. He’s not an outsider.”

When the chief physician heard this, he had nothing to say for a moment. He only said with a cold expression, “If you want Old Master to be well, don’t call any relatives or friends to visit him. It’s not a joyous occasion. Don’t you know that a group of people surrounding the hospital will cause trouble for our work?”

Hearing the chief physician’s words, Wang Qi secretly gritted her teeth. “Okay! I understand! May I know what illness my grandfather has?”

“The patient fainted so suddenly without any prior signs or symptoms. Of course, we have to investigate carefully! What’s the hurry!” The chief physician said as he impatiently hung the medical record at the end of the bed.

Wang Qi endured it for a long time before saying, “Then can we only wait now? Is there no other way?”

Seeing Wang Qi’s anxious look, the chief physician’s face was filled with disdain. “The patient’s condition is not clear now. Conservative treatment is the best solution. If we use the wrong medicine, won’t you say that we treated him recklessly?”

Wang Qi secretly clenched her fists…

Conservative treatment? They had clearly not done anything since last night other than putting Grandpa on a ventilator and putting him on IV!

Wang Qi looked carefully at the words on the infusion bottle. It was just bottles of glucose!

However, the hospitalization bill sent over this morning amounted to a total of 30,000 dollars!

Wang Qi didn’t want to argue so much now. She only hoped to find out about her grandfather’s condition as soon as possible so that she could decide how to treat him.

This hospital was the best in the city. Wang Qi did not want to believe that there would be doctors who lacked medical ethics here…

However, unfortunately, she might have happened to encounter it!

Just as Wang Qi was about to have a “good chat” with the chief physician, a cry suddenly came from behind the door.

Wang Qi was shocked. She turned around and saw Wang Lan rushing into the ward with tears and snot.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you…” Wang Lan fell onto Old Master Wang’s bed and cried bitterly.

Wang Qi looked at Wang Lan’s figure in frustration, her ears filled with Wang Lan’s cries that sounded like an alarm.

When the chief physician saw Wang Lan, he immediately put on a flattering smile. “Madam Lin, why are you here personally?”

“Don’t be so sad. It won’t be good if you hurt yourself!”

Hearing the chief physician’s words, Wang Qi said indifferently, “The person lying on the hospital bed is her biological father!”

The chief physician was a little embarrassed by Wang Qi’s words.

His hand that wanted to help Wang Lan hung in midair.

Only then did Wang Lan notice that Wang Qi was also in the ward. She wiped her tears and looked at Wang Qi. “Why are you here?”

Wang Qi resisted the urge to roll her eyes and sneered. “Aunt, you’re really late. Don’t you know that I’ve been guarding here for the entire night?”

“Well…” Wang Lan paused, not knowing how to respond.

She had indeed only found out this morning.

The night before, Wang Lan didn’t sleep well because of Lin Yu. She took a few sleeping pills and fell asleep.

It was said that Lin Cheng was worried that she was not feeling well, so he sent someone to the hospital first.

After Wang Lan heard about this situation early on and knew that Lin Cheng had already sent someone to make arrangements, she was not in a hurry to rush over.

After all, since Old Master had yet to wake up, it was useless for her to come over at this time.