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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 287 - Unexpected Work

Chapter 287: Unexpected Work

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Just as the host was feeling conflicted, Jin Ying got a little impatient. “Host, isn’t the game starting yet? We’re all waiting!”

After being reminded by Jin Ying, the people below the stage also echoed, “That’s right! Hurry up and start the game! We’re still waiting for your autograph!”

Of course, it did not matter to the people below the stage. After all, they were not the ones personally playing games with Qi Hao.

However, it would be a big deal if they missed the chance to get Qi Hao’s autograph!

The host gritted her teeth and announced the start of the game. Just like before, everyone would sing a song with their own lyrics.

Jin Ying was the first to bear the brunt.

Although Jin Ying had never learned vocal music, she knew nothing about music creation.

However, she was a perennial mic hog in the KTV. She could sing all kinds of music styles even if she was not proficient.

A random popular song with only 20 words actually made Jin Ying sing differently.

Not to mention the people below the stage, even Lin Yun could not help but look at Jin Ying in a different light.

Although one could tell that she was not a professional, Jin Ying sang well.

Even Qi Hao couldn’t help but applaud Jin Ying to encourage her.

After that, Zhuzhu seemed to be in a much better state.

Compared to the previous composition, Zhuzhu’s performance was more stable this time. Not only was the arrangement of the tune more reasonable, but the concept of the lyrics was also expressed.

Qi Hao nodded in admiration, clearly gratified by Zhuzhu’s rapid improvement.

Lin Yu appeared again. This time, she was prepared.

She used “Ask” as the melody and interspersed the lyrics. Although it was not perfect, because the tune was especially attractive, many people recognized Lin Yu’s strength.

Lin Yun listened to Lin Yu humming her song with a mocking expression.

Qi Hao had been paying attention to Lin Yun, so he naturally noticed the change in her expression.

Qi Hao raised his eyebrows as if he had thought of something. He didn’t react further, but gave Lin Yu encouraging applause after her performance.

When it was Lin Yun’s turn to perform, she sang a newly composed tune and a few lines of poetry from Bai Juyi’s “Lute Steps”. She ended with the line “silence is better than sound here”.

After Lin Yun finished her song, the scene was really as the lyrics said. “Silence ess better than sound in some areas.”

The entire venue was silent. Everyone stared intently at Lin Yun. No one made a sound, but their shocked gazes expressed the surging emotions in their hearts.

Finally, Qi Hao was the first to move.

He clapped his hands hard to express his love for Lin Yun’s small work.

Following Qi Hao’s applause, even louder applause came from the venue, accompanied by cheers from time to time.

No one expected that not only was Lin Yun very talented in musical performance, but even her singing was so special that it was unforgettable.

Her voice was not the clear and elegant voice of a young girl. Instead, it was low and hoarse, but it also made the concept in the Lute Steps more thorough.

Jin Ying also looked at Lin Yun in surprise. She did not expect Lin Yun to be able to sing such a beautiful song.

Moreover, this melody was not familiar. Didn’t she know which tune Lin Yun had chosen?

Under everyone’s gaze, Lin Yun turned her head slightly and looked at Qi Hao shyly. “I’ve embarrassed myself.”

Qi Hao shook his head. “No! You did well!”

“Did you compose that song on the spot?” Qin Hao asked expectantly.

Lin Yun nodded slightly and said, “I couldn’t remember a suitable tune, so I made up a random tune.”

Hearing Lin Yun’s words, the audience was in an uproar.

This person was really amazing! She couldn’t find a suitable tune, so dhe made up a small tune. Was this something that could be casually made up?

How many music composers could not come up with a good tune no matter how hard they racked their brains? But Lin Yun did it effortlessly.

When Lin Yu saw that everyone’s gaze was on Lin Yun again, her expression became even gloomier.

She looked at the host and saw that the host was also looking at Lin Yun with admiration.