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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 286 - Qi Hao’s Idol?

Chapter 286: Qi Hao’s Idol?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Someone in the crowd immediately raised his hand and enthusiastically signed up.

The host invited two or three people to go on stage.

Jin Ying also raised her hands excitedly. “Me! And us!”

Before Lin Yun could react, Jin Ying pulled her forward.

Seeing how excited Jin Ying was, the host immediately smiled and said, “Don’t be anxious! Come, slow down! Just the two over there!”

Enthusiastic fans often brought about better effects. This was the host’s favorite!

Jin Ying pulled Lin Yun up the stage.

Before Lin Yun could react, she was already standing on the stage.

Lin Yu looked at Lin Yun with anger in her eyes.

Why was this woman everywhere?

Lin Yu gritted her teeth in hatred, but Lin Yun had just accepted the fact that she had been pulled onto the stage.

Laughter suddenly came from below the stage. “Are the daughters of the Lin family going to fight again?”

“This battle is really getting more and more intense. It makes me very happy!”

Some people who were watching the commotion even beat the drums beside them. “Let us see the difference in strength between the real and fake daughters!”

“I heard that Lin Yun has received all kinds of music awards since she was young! Lin Yu is doomed this time!”

Hearing the discussion of the crowd below, Lin Yu’s expression became uglier and uglier.

The host didn’t expect that the person he warmly greeted was Lin Yu’s nemesis. For a moment, he didn’t know how to ease the awkward atmosphere.

Qi Hao was the first to break the tense atmosphere.

He walked towards Lin Yun and looked at her curiously. Then, he asked, “Are you that Lin Yun? The music genius who won various international music awards since she was young?”

Hearing how Qi Hao addressed Lin Yun, Jin Ying’s eyes were practically sparkling.

Many people below the stage also exclaimed. They did not expect Qi Hao to know Lin Yun.

As for Lin Yu, she stood rooted to the ground and looked at Qi Hao standing in front of Lin Yun. She gritted her teeth in anger and wished she could rush up and bite off a piece of Lin Yun’s skin.

Lin Yun did not expect Qi Hao to know about her. She only looked up at Qi Hao and nodded. “I’m Lin Yun.”

Qi Hao’s smile deepened when he received an affirmative answer. He looked very happy.

He extended a hand to Lin Yun. “Hello! I’m your fan!”

Hearing Qi Hao’s words, there was another cry of surprise.

Lin Yun looked at the hand in front of her and didn’t know how to respond.

Qi Hao’s “I’m your fan” completely stunned Lin Yun.

Qi Hao smiled apologetically. “I’ve only seen your performance in the video, but the video is rather blurry. I really don’t remember your face…”

“And you were still very young back then… compared to now… you’re completely different.” As Qi Hao spoke, he couldn’t help but stare at Lin Yun’s face, and the smile on his face deepened.

Jin Ying rebuked Lin Yun before saying, “Shake hands! Shake hands!”

Jin Ying restrained herself from rushing forward to grab Qi Hao’s hand and tried her best to remind Lin Yun not to miss this opportunity.

Only then did Lin Yun react and politely extend her hand to shake Qi Hao’s. Retracting her hand, Lin Yun subconsciously wiped her hand behind her back.

This small action did not escape Qi Hao’s eyes. He raised his eyebrows slightly, but his smile did not diminish.

He put down the microphone and said softly to Lin Yun, “It’s a pleasure to meet you! I hope we can have a private chat after the event ends.”

Hearing Qi Hao’s invitation, Lin Yun was about to refuse when the host interrupted their conversation.

Under Lin Yu’s signal, the host had already walked to Qi Hao’s side and squeezed between him and Lin Yun.

She put on a professional fake smile and said, “I didn’t expect to meet Qi Hao’s idol here!”

“Li’an has many hidden talents!”

“Shouldn’t Qi Hao give our Li’an fans something in return?”

With the host’s call, the audience immediately responded.

Qi Hao did not hesitate and said to the fans below the stage, “My new song is for you!”

Qi Hao sang a short segment of his new song to promote it and repay the fans’ enthusiasm.

The host looked at the card and was a little conflicted about whether to continue the game.

She had called the people below the stage up to save Lin Yu’s skin. However, if all the people below the stage were gods, wouldn’t Lin Yu be even more embarrassed?