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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 285 - Game Segment

Chapter 285: Game Segment

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Lin Yun sneered in her heart as she listened to Lin Yu and the host echo each other.

What Lin Yun heard was a completely different version.

According to Lin Qian, when Lin Yu said that she liked to learn the piano when she was three or four years old, their mother specially asked someone to buy her a grand piano from abroad.

At that time, because their parents had to go out to sea from time to time, the two brothers took care of Lin Yu at home.

At that time, the three of them often quarreled over the ownership of the piano. But every time his parents found out about this, he and his eldest brother would always be beaten up badly.

Because of this, they all knew not to snatch things from their sister!

The old grandpa Lin Yu was talking about was probably Old Wu, the old professor Pei Man had specially invited from the Central Music Academy.

It was said that Old Wu’s students were now the pillars of the music industry, and Old Wu had long retreated behind the scenes.

One could imagine how much effort Lin Ting and his wife had put into nurturing a young child.

However, Lin Yu didn’t mention her parents’ efforts at all. Instead, she used her fortuitous encounter as bragging rights.

Moreover, Lin Yun remembered that Lin Qian had said with certainty that Lin Yu had even climbed over the wall and escaped because she didn’t want to attend Old Wu’s class.

Old Wu was so angry that he ignored Lin Ting and his wife for two weeks. Later on, Lin Ting and his wife especially went to Old Wu’s house to grovel for a week before they finally calmed the old man down.

However, ever since then, Old Wu’s teachings to Lin Yu were no longer as serious as before.

Instead, because Lin Qian would serve Old Wu tea from time to time, the old man liked him more and more. This also laid an important foundation for Lin Qian to successfully enter the entertainment industry.

Lin Yun listened to Lin Yu’s story as if she was listening to a ridiculous story.

The host, who was trying her best to cooperate on the stage, worked so hard that Lin Yun found it ridiculous.

As Jin Ying listened to Lin Yu’s story, she couldn’t help but frown. “Is Lin Yu talking about herself? Why is she so different from the person I know?”

Lin Yun smiled. “It’s just a story. Just listen.”

“Oh…” Jin Ying nodded in understanding. Then, she shook her head and continued to listen to Lin Yu’s story.

After a while, just as the audience was showing impatience, the host finally stopped Lin Yu from continuing her story.

“Alright! Since Lin Yu and Zhuzhu like our Qi Hao so much, let’s play a mini-game together!” The host said and put an abrupt stop to the emotional segment.

Although Lin Yu was a little dissatisfied that the story she had painstakingly made up was stopped before she could finish, she did not say anything else since she could continue interacting with Qi Hao.

The game segment was very simple. Since they were all from the music industry, the host let the three of them sing the prepared words in different tones and singing forms.

There were poems, online phrases, and some excerpts from famous books. This was not a very difficult segment for people who made music.

Although Qi Hao was not interested in this game, he was actively cooperating for the sake of his fans.

Zhu Zhu was not talented enough, to begin with. She first apologized to Qi Hao’s fans before standing on the stage timidly and preparing to use her full strength.

Lin Yu looked arrogant and even felt that this game was a little boring. Wasn’t this something that everyone would do when they were young? What was there to be nervous about?

Lin Yu glanced at Zhu Zhu, who was clearly nervous, and thought to herself, “How useless!”

The competition officially began. Qi Hao was the first to demonstrate to the two young girls.

As a professional singer, this kind of quick composition and lyrics was a piece of cake for him.

Then, it was Zhuzhu’s turn. Although Zhuzhu’s tune and lyrics were not perfect, one could still feel her sincerity.

Lin Yu went on stage and looked at the lyrics, humming the melody in her heart.

The song was about to end, but the lyrics were not finished…

The scene fell into an awkward silence.

Seeing Lin Yu’s expression turn a little ugly, the host hurriedly went forward to smooth things over. “Looks like Lin Yu is a little nervous!”

“Which fan below the stage is willing to give it a try?” The host said and threw the question into the crowd.