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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 279 - What Are You Suspecting?

Chapter 279: What Are You Suspecting?

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Han’s smile was incredible.

The gazes that were attracted by Lin Han’s figure were now fixated on the smile on his face. It had the dazzling effect of causing the person who looked at him to smile subconsciously.

Lin Han was not the typical kind of handsome man with fair skin. Instead, because of his healthy wheat-colored skin and experienced buzz cut, many people thought that he was from the military.

His facial features were straight. Compared to Lin Qian’s gentleness, he had a tough aura. His deep dimples were like a pair of small hooks when he smiled, leading you to smile with him.

According to Wang Qi’s information, Lin Han had been a top student since he was young and had always taken the academic path. But he did not have the conventional studious look of an academic with thick-soled glasses, sloppy hairstyle, and pale-skinned academic attire.

However, with Lin Qian as an example, Lin Yun could imagine that Lin Han would still not be able to hide his good looks even if he was wearing thick glasses.

“Xiao Yun, you’re here.” Lin Han greeted Lin Yun happily.

Lin Yun called out to Lin Han sweetly, “Big Brother.”

She could feel many gazes around her that wanted to kill her, but she didn’t care!

“Was that your driver just now? Why do I feel that he’s not that professional?” Lin Han saw that after Lin Yun got out of the car, the car left before she could tidy up.

Lin Yun shook her head and said, “That’s the car I hired.”

“Rented?” Lin Han raised his voice. “The Lin family is too much! They didn’t even buy you a car?”

“You refused the car Big Brother gave you that day. I know you don’t like that model, but it’s better to have a ride!”

Lin Yun did not know whether to laugh or cry when she heard Lin Han’s words.

Who would think that a Maserati model was ugly? It was just that she was more or less resistant to driving, so she didn’t really accept that car.

Lin Yun hurriedly explained, “I rarely drive. My cousin, Wang Qi, will usually pick me up.”

“But she has some matters at home to attend to, so I let her use the car!”

“Besides, it’s enough for the two of us to have a car!”

“No! How can one car be enough? What would you do if there is an emergency?” Lin Han frowned in disapproval.

“Are you busy later? I’ll bring you to buy a car!” Lin Han pulled Lin Yun towards the car. “I’ll find you a professional driver!”

Lin Yun wanted to refuse, but she did not want to discuss these useless things with Lin Han under the gazes of the surrounding people.

She obediently got into the car and sat in the front passenger seat before speaking again.

“I had my reasons for getting Wang Qi to be my driver. Brother, don’t worry, I’m fine!” Lin Yun emphasized again.

Before Wang Qi, she had asked Jin Yan to find her a long-term driver, but the driver did not understand her thoughts better than Wang Qi.

She also knew that she would have to drive herself one day, but she still couldn’t hold the steering wheel for a while…

Lin Han looked at Lin Yun deeply before sighing. “I know. You won’t listen to me no matter how I persuade you.”

“Our family is like that. It’s difficult to change our minds about what we’ve decided.”

Lin Yun felt warm in her heart when she heard Lin Han’s helpless sigh.

She remembered that when she was young, Wang Lan would often be angry with her because she could not persuade Lin Yun.

Every time, Wang Lan would scold Lin Yun, saying that she was stubborn and refused to listen.

Now, there was finally someone who could understand her “bad temper”. Lin Yun was really grateful that she had found her real family this time!

Thinking of her family, Lin Yun suddenly thought of the purpose of her trip.

“Brother, I hope you can help me take a look at Wang Qi’s grandfather,” Lin Yun said seriously to Lin Han.

“Wang Qi’s grandfather?” Lin Han frowned, clearly not understanding what Lin Yun meant.

“You’ve met Old Master Wang of the Wang family before.” Lin Yun briefly explained Old Master Wang’s identity to Lin Han.

Lin Han finally understood. “Oh! I’ve seen that old man before. His body is very strong!”

Hearing Lin Han’s words, Lin Yun felt that there was something wrong with Old Master Wang’s illness.

“He was sent to the Central Hospital yesterday. I hope you can help me see what’s wrong with his body,” Lin Yun said seriously.

Lin Han listened to Lin Yun’s words and looked at her slightly nervous expression. He lowered his voice and asked, “What are you suspecting?”