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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 277 - Destroying Lin Yun

Chapter 277: Destroying Lin Yun

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yun pursed her lips and sent a “one moment” before answering the call.

“Xiao Yun, are you free tomorrow? Dad wants to arrange for you to meet someone.” Lin Cheng’s voice sounded expectant and nervous.

Lin Yun suddenly remembered what Jin Yan had said today.

Her eyes narrowed slightly before she said, “Dad, I’ve been a little busy at school these past few days. Can you…”

Hearing that Lin Yun was about to refuse, Lin Cheng immediately said, “I’m also arranging a master for you so that you can familiarize yourself with the company as soon as possible.”

Lin Yun naturally didn’t believe Lin Cheng.

If Lin Cheng really wanted her to familiarize herself with the company as soon as possible, wouldn’t it be faster for him to guide Lin Yun personally?

Before this, Lin Cheng had brought Lin Yun to the company a few times and even said that he would personally coach her about the company in the future.

Lin Yun’s lips curled into a cold smile, but her voice was humble. “Then I’ll go with Daddy’s arrangements. I’ll go over after settling the school’s matters.”

Although Lin Cheng was not satisfied with Lin Yun putting the school’s matters first, fortunately, she was still obedient. He could still arrange to meet this person.

Lin Cheng made some fake small talk and hung up.

Lin Yun turned back to the computer and looked at Luna’s dialog box. She thought for a moment before typing, “I’ll take it!”

Luna sent a happy emoji and then sent the mission to Lin Yun.

In her previous life, Lin Yun’s activities in “Wing World” were mostly to pass the time.

And now, she realized that this place was simply a paradise!

Here, everyone’s identity was confidential.

Of course, Lin Yun could only call someone like Lu Chen, who openly revealed his identity and placed orders, an anomaly.

And no one knew Lin Yun’s identity here.

This was also why she could extort Lin Cheng when she completed the mission!

Although Lin Yun knew that this was immoral, Lin Cheng had done many sinful things himself. She was just giving him a taste of his own medicine!

Lin Yun crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair. As she read the mission content, the corners of her mouth slowly curled up.

“The Lin family’s dirt?” Lin Yun slowly swayed her body. “Then we have to collect it properly.”

… .

Ever since the cocktail party, Lin Yu had been crying at home every day. Of course, this was just an act in front of Wang Lan and Lin Cheng. Behind their backs, Lin Yu was already a little hysterical. She could not believe that her perfect plan had failed just like that!

And these days, she had tried to contact Zheng Yu, but she could not find him! No! She couldn’t let things continue like this!

Whether it was the Lin family’s business, her reputation, or Zheng Yu, she would not give up on any of them!

Lin Yu gritted her teeth and thought about how to take back what she lost!

No matter what, she had to let Lin Yun receive the same treatment!

Lin Yun’s reputation would be ruined!

Although Lin Yu was angry, she wasn’t completely blinded by anger.

She was not in a hurry to settle the score with Lin Yun. Instead, she thought of someone who might be able to help her!

Lin Yu took out her other phone and found the number of a person called “Brother Qi.”

Lin Yu thought for a moment and pressed the number.

The call was picked up quickly. Lin Yu could feel her voice stiffen and tense. “Brother, Brother Qi…”

“My Miss Lin, why did you call me?” Brother Qi’s voice came from the receiver with a hint of laziness.

Lin Yu couldn’t help but swallow before continuing, “Brother Qi, I need your help with something.”

Brother Qi sounded amused. “I thought Miss Lin had forgotten about your old friends after acknowledging her rich parents! I wonder how I can help Miss Lin?”

Lin Yu hesitated for a moment before saying, “See you at the usual place at 3 PM tomorrow.”

Brother Qi chuckled. “Good! You’re still so careful!”

Lin Yu had no intention of catching up with Brother Qi now. She only said softly, “See you tomorrow” and hung up.

At this moment, Wang Lan pushed the door open and entered. When she saw Lin Yu hurriedly putting away something, she pretended not to see it.

Wang Lan walked to Lin Yu’s side and gently held her hand. “Xiaoyu, I hope you can listen to what I say next and remember them.”