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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 276 - The Lin Family's Scandals

Chapter 276: The Lin Family’s Scandals

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Lin Yun listened to Jin Yan’s profession of loyalty. Although it was a little exaggerated, Lin Yun did not doubt its authenticity.

Jin Yan was an honest person, to begin with.

Otherwise, he would not have tried his best to persuade his clients at the exchange and think of ways to help them protect their assets.

In a place where the company’s interests were the most important, swallowing the assets of clients became a common phenomenon. That was why Jin Yan became an anomaly.

Lin Yun lowered her eyes slightly. After a while, she looked at Jin Yan again. “Is this the only reason you came to look for me today?”

Jin Yan nodded and took out a few contracts from his document bag. “These companies are interested in cooperating with us. I’m here to report to Miss Lin.”

Lin Yun shook her head and said, “I’ve already said that you can decide on the company’s matters yourself. I just need to get the profits I expect.”

Jin Yan pushed the contract to Lin Yun again. “Miss Lin, these companies are all big companies in Sea City and the surrounding cities. I still hope to discuss them with you.”

Although Lin Yun felt that Jin Yan was being a little unnecessary, she still took the contract and took a look.

Lin Yun did not read the contents of the contract carefully. Instead, she flipped through the names of the companies.

Indeed, these companies could be considered famous in Sea City and the surrounding cities.

Of course, the Lin Corporation was also among them.

Lin Yun threw the Lin Corporation’s contract aside and took out the Wang family’s contract to take a look.

“How does the Wang family plan to cooperate?” Lin Yun asked.

“Old Master Wang hopes to invest in our company and take 10% of the shares.” Jin Yan did not look at the contract. All the contents had already been imprinted in his mind.

Lin Yun nodded and looked at the other companies’ names before saying, “You can choose two other companies to work with.”

“I don’t expect the company to grow much. It’s fine as long as it’s stable.” Lin Yun emphasized again.

Originally, she only wanted to establish this company so that her investment yield could increase quickly.

She did not want to show off in Sea City or anywhere else to avoid attracting unnecessary trouble.

However, Jin Yan was really too efficient, causing the small company that had only been established for a few months to attract so many investors. Lin Yun felt that it would be a pity to waste such an opportunity. She should take it one step at a time!

After chatting with Jin Yan for nearly two hours, Lin Yun did not take another sip of the bitter tea. Fortunately, Jin Yan was tactful and prepared another pot of weak tea for her.

On the way back to the Yuan residence, Lin Yun called Wang Qi.

Wang Qi was suddenly called back to the Wang family. Although Old Master Wang did not treat her well, she had called him grandfather for so many years. It was necessary to ask about the situation.

When Wang Qi picked up the call, she said anxiously, “I’ll go back later. Let’s talk when I get back!”

Lin Yun wanted to ask about Old Master Wang’s condition, but Wang Qi hung up first.

Although Lin Yun was worried, she knew that it would be a little awkward for her to go to the Wang family with her current status.

She could only go home and quietly wait for Wang Qi to return to explain everything.

… .

Lin Yun had just taken a shower and was drying her hair when she heard the sound of the computer.

She walked closer and saw Luna’s message window pop up. “Dark One, there’s a new mission for you. It’s a big job!”

Lin Yun typed on the keyboard. “What job? You know that I don’t take on some jobs!”

Luna’s reply quickly popped up. “Someone wants to dig up dirt on the Lin Corporation… the Lin family.”

“I remember that you accepted a mission from the Lin family last time.”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows and recalled helping Lin Yu eliminate her dark history.

That was the first bucket of gold she had earned after her rebirth!

Lin Yun’s lips curled up slightly. “How bad must it be?”

“Well… the other party didn’t say.” Luna sent an “I don’t know” emoji.

“Then let’s tarnish their reputation or make them go bankrupt?” Lin Yun suddenly became excited.

Luna sent a surprised emoji. After a while, she sent another string of words. “If you’re interested, I’ll give you the mission!”

Lin Yun was about to reply when her phone rang.

Lin Yun looked down and saw Lin Cheng’s name on the phone.