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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 273 - Feng Yi _ 1

Chapter 273: Feng Yi _ 1

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“For me?” Lin Yun repeated in a daze as if she had never thought of this possibility.

“Who else?” Lin Qian asked matter-of-factly. “Do you think he’s the kind of person who would like to go to the Zheng family’s cocktail party?”

Lin Yun thought for a moment. Lu Chen was indeed not the kind of person who would attend banquets.

No wonder she had seen Lu Chen with a strange expression that day. So he had really gone there for her sake.


Lin Yun couldn’t help but bite her lower lip. She couldn’t have a deeper relationship with Lu Chen!

Absolutely not!

Seeing that Lin Yun seemed to be in a difficult position, Lin Qian was even more puzzled. “What’s the relationship between the two of you? Why do I feel that there’s something going on?”

Lin Yun didn’t know how to explain her relationship with Lu Chen.

In her previous life, Lu Chen died to save her.

In this life, she saved Lu Chen’s life.

However, she did not want the tragedy of the past to repeat itself. She must not have any interaction with Lu Chen again!

Seeing Lin Qian staring at her, Lin Yun immediately felt a little uncomfortable.

Suddenly, she thought of something. “How did you know that Lu Chen went for me? How did you know that the two of us were acting strange?”

“Of course I…” Lin Qian was about to say that he saw it with his own eyes, but on second thought, wouldn’t this expose the fact that he was at the scene?

If his mother knew that he was at the scene and had let his sister suffer so much, she would skin him alive when she returned!

The more Lin Qian thought about it, the more he felt that this matter couldn’t be exposed.

His eyes darted around and he suddenly said, “Did you say last time that you have friends who are my fans?”

“Come, come, come. Second Brother will give you a few autographed photos today. Go back and show them to your friends!”

Lin Yun looked at Lin Qian helplessly. She didn’t remember saying such things! However, Lin Qian no longer asked about Lu Chen, and Lin Yun relaxed a lot.

As for those autographed photos, since Lin Qian was willing to give them, why wouldn’t Lin Yun want them?

She might even be able to sell it for some money!

Lin Qian took out a few photos from his pocket and signed them.

Lin Yun thought about the masked Lin Qian with a cold expression. He was really worlds apart from this talkative fellow in front of her!

Lin Yun reluctantly accepted a few autographed photos. A thin and tall boy walked in with a plate.

Lin Yun saw that the boy was only eleven or twelve years old. She raised her eyebrows and asked Lin Qian, “Why? Do you actually hire child labor here?”

Lin Qian glanced at the little boy and laughed. “Then you’ve underestimated him!”

“He’s our little chef here!” Lin Qian walked to the little boy’s side with a smile and placed a hand on his shoulder.

The boy glared at Lin Qian impatiently and said, “If Brother Lin Han hadn’t asked me to come back today to cook for his sister, I wouldn’t have bothered with you!”

Hearing the boy’s words, not only was Lin Qian not angry, he smiled even more happily.

He said to Lin Yun happily, “See that! He’s at his rebellious stage!”

Lin Yun looked helplessly at the little boy as he shook off Lin Qian’s hand. It was obvious that he didn’t like Lin Qian.

Lin Qian still leaned over as if they were very familiar.

Lin Yun tried to help the boy out, so she asked, “How should I address you, chef?”

“His name is Feng Yi, the successor of the Feng family.” Lin Qian introduced them warmly.

“Feng Family’s Cuisine? That century-old Feng Family’s Cuisine?” Lin Yun blinked and looked at Feng Yi. “But I heard that they have already…”

“Lost their legacy?” Lin Qian helped Lin Yun finish her sentence.

As expected, Feng Yi rolled his eyes again.

Lin Qian didn’t mind and explained, “When his grandfather passed away, Feng Yi was still young, only three or four years old.”

“Although I can memorize the recipe skillfully, no one believes that a doll who just knew how to walk can inherit the family’s recipes.”

“Fortunately, his old butler took care of the Feng family for three generations and is loyal to the Feng family.”

“Only then will there be a chance for the Feng family’s dishes to appear again!”

Hearing Lin Qian’s explanation, Lin Yun nodded in understanding.

Feng Yi didn’t seem to appreciate Lin Qian’s kindness. He said to Lin Yun, “My parents died early and I have an aunt. It’s just that I didn’t like to learn these things since I was young.”

“Later, my grandfather forced me to learn the basic techniques. When I was 10 years old, he couldn’t wait to teach me everything.”

Lin Yun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she heard Feng Yi’s words.