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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 269 - Spring Rain Pavilion

Chapter 269: Spring Rain Pavilion

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All Lin Yun could think about now was that Li’an University was located in the education center of Sea City.

Apart from a few ancient houses around Li’an, there was only the “Spring Rain Pavilion”, known as the most expensive teacher’s building in the country.

As the old houses had been around for a long time, they were mostly in ruins and could not be bought or sold.

Therefore Lin Ting and his wife could only have chosen the Spring Rain Pavilion.

The Spring Rain Pavilion was originally built to provide accommodation for the teachers of Li’an University and experts and scholars from all walks of life.

However, when the internationally famous designer, Tao Cheng, who was a graduate of Li’an University, invited himself to participate in the design work, the value of this building increased significantly.

As soon as Tao Cheng participated, more graduates also participated.

On the surface, they said that they were contributing to the school, but more people wanted to take this opportunity to show off.

In the blink of an eye, the Spring Rain Pavilion had accepted many outstanding works, causing its reputation to rise by a few levels.

Gradually, the Spring Rain Pavilion was no longer just an ordinary teacher’s building. It gradually became a collection that many people competed for.

The value of the Spring Rain Pavilion gradually became a top-notch mansion that many people could only aspire to. Even Lin Cheng had never considered buying a property in the Spring Rain Pavilion for the sake of his reputation.

After all, other than being especially close to Li’an University, he felt there was really no value in investing in the property.

The car drove all the way to the Spring Rain Pavilion beside Li’an University before Pei Man pulled Lin Yun’s subordinate out of the car.

Lin Yun looked at the huge sign of the Spring Rain Pavilion. It was said that the principal of Li’an had personally written it.

She stood at the door and hesitated. Just as she was about to walk in, she heard someone call her name not far away.

“Isn’t this the eldest daughter of the Lin family, Lin Yun?” A mocking voice sounded.

Lin Yun turned to look at that person and couldn’t help but frown.

Because of what happened previously, Ling Na was sent overseas by her father to seek refuge. Now that she was not in the country, Lin Yun had forgotten about Ling Na’s former good sister, Fan Qian!

Fan Qian grew up with Ling Na.

Because of the family business, the Fan family moved to Tong City when Fan Qian was very young.

However, Fan Qian had been overshadowed by Lin Yun since she was young and her parents were especially strict with her.

Because of this, she and Ling Na had always been on the same side and disliked Lin Yun.

Now that Ling Na had been punished because of Lin Yun, Fan Qian naturally hated Lin Yun.

Fan Qian walked up to Lin Yun and glanced at Lin Ting and Pei Man.

“Oh, these two must be your legendary biological parents!” As Fan Qian spoke, she sized up Lin Ting and his wife again.

“I knew it. You haven’t been sociable since you were young and always have a different feeling about you. It turns out… you’re really different!” Fan Qian sneered. She thought it was obvious that from the simple clothes of Lin Ting and his wife that they were like what the urban legends had claimed—a poor family.

Pei Man looked at Fan Qian’s arrogant appearance and immediately revealed anger. “You don’t look old and jaded, little girl. Why are you so mean?”

“I originally thought that Xiao Yun’s friends were all daughters of famous families. They should be gentle and smart. I didn’t expect it… the world is really big. There are all kinds of people!”

Seeing that Pei Man actually dared to despise her, Fan Qian’s expression became even uglier. “What do you mean by that!”

“Literally!” Pei Man said impatiently. Then, she pulled Lin Yun and prepared to walk into the Spring Rain Pavilion. “Xiao Yun, let’s go in.”

“Yo! Lin Yun, are you bringing your biological parents to visit the Spring Rain Pavilion?” Fan Qian’s expression was filled with mockery.

“You should take the opportunity to enter the Spring Rain Pavilion to take a look! After you become unable to afford Li’an’s tuition fees and are expelled, it will be difficult for you to enter the Spring Rain Pavilion!”

When Pei Man heard this, she was about to retaliate when Lin Yun gently pulled her arm.

She turned around and looked at Lin Yun, who shook her head at her.

Lin Yun turned to look at Fan Qian. “Why are you here? I remember that you’re not Li’an’s student.”

When Fan Qian heard Lin Yun’s question, the smile on her face deepened and she looked proud. “My father bought me a house in the Spring Rain Pavilion. I’m just here to stay for a few days.”

Lin Yun frowned slightly and immediately lost her good impression of the Spring Rain Pavilion.