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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 266 - Why Don't You Come Back and Stay?

Chapter 266: Why Don’t You Come Back and Stay?

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Seeing that Lin Yun didn’t respond after thinking for a long time, Lin Cheng was about to signal Butler Lin to help Lin Yun.

Lin Yun suddenly said, “Dad, I understand. I’ll prepare well.”

“I wonder what position you plan on letting me enter the company?” Lin Yun looked at Lin Cheng curiously and asked.

Lin Yun studied business administration as her second major. When she obtained her graduation certificate, she shocked the business world of Sea City with her status as the top student in the entire grade.

It had to be known that Li’an’s business management major was one of the best in the country.

Most of the students who could enter the Business Administration specialization were the future heirs of various families.

Lin Yun’s number one status undoubtedly made the various families in Sea City admire the eldest daughter of the Lin family even more.

However, at that time, Lin Yun’s identity was still the real Miss Lin.

And now, Lin Yun was just the daughter of a fisherman in a remote fishing village in Sea City!

Lin Cheng seemed to have planned it long ago. He said without hesitation, “What do you think of being the intern assistant in the planning department?”

Hearing Lin Cheng’s words, the corners of Lin Yun’s mouth curled up slightly. Her smile seemed to carry a hint of mockery.

Lin Cheng didn’t seem to notice Lin Yun’s expression at all. He only said, “You don’t have to worry about not being able to do it. Dad will find someone to teach you!”

Lin Yun listened to Lin Cheng’s plan and only said softly, “Alright, I’ll listen to Daddy’s arrangements.”

… .

Lin Cheng and Lin Yun chatted for a long time in the study while Lin Yu sat in the room and listened to Wang Lan’s nagging.

“Your father is in a fit of anger. If there’s anything, don’t talk back to him and follow his wishes.” Wang Lan emphasized again.

“You have to know that everything your father did was for you and the Lin family!”

Hearing Wang Lan’s words, Lin Yu felt an unknown fire burning in her chest.

For the sake of the Lin family, Lin Yu could tell. For her own good?

Lin Yu found it ridiculous.

Ever since the incident at the cocktail party erupted, Lin Cheng was either furious or scolding her. He didn’t have a good expression at all.

If not for Wang Lan stopping her, Lin Yu would have left this house long ago!

Although Lin Ting and his wife were a little poor, they had always been pleasant to her.

Even when she made a mistake, they could never bear to scold her. They only tried their best to make her happy.

Lin Yu immediately missed the couple.

Wang Lan didn’t notice Lin Yu’s reaction and only sighed slightly. “No matter what, our Lin family’s assets can’t fall into the hands of outsiders. So, Xiao Yu, you must work hard!”

Hearing Wang Lan’s words, Lin Yu’s fighting spirit was instantly ignited.

That’s right, she could not let Lin Yun snatch everything away from her!

She wanted to snatch back the Lin family’s assets and the love of Lin Ting and his wife!

Seeing Lin Yu’s high fighting spirit, Wang Lan immediately felt more at ease.

“Xiao Yu, after your father and Xiao Yun are done talking, go and talk to your father so that he can arrange it for you as soon as possible.” Wang Lan still emphasized it to Lin Yu worriedly.

Although Lin Yu was a little impatient, she only nodded and said, “I understand, Mom. Don’t worry. I won’t make Dad angry again!”

When Lin Cheng and Lin Yun came out of the study, Lin Yu had already rushed to the door.

She greeted Lin Cheng and Lin Yun obediently. “Dad, Sister… Have you guys finished discussing?”

“I just asked the kitchen to prepare some snacks and fruits. Do you guys want… ”

Before Lin Yu could finish, Lin Yun interrupted.

She said to Lin Cheng, “Dad, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first. I still have many things to deal with at school.”

When Lin Cheng heard Lin Yun’s words, he thought that she was going back to school to settle her school matters so that she could “study” at the company, so he didn’t refuse.

“Alright! Go back quickly! You should be tired these two days! Dad will get Butler Lin to send the materials to you later.”

After Lin Cheng finished speaking, he paused for a moment before saying, “Xiao Yun, why don’t you come back home to stay? When we stay together, we can take care of each other.”

Lin Cheng’s words stunned not only Lin Yun but also Lin Yu!

It wasn’t easy for her to force Lin Yun out of the Lin family residence. Why was she summoned back not long after?

No matter what, Lin Yun could not return!