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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 265 - Lin Cheng's Suggestion

Chapter 265: Lin Cheng’s Suggestion

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Seeing that Lin Yun didn’t seem to suspect anything, Lin Cheng sighed and said, “Recently, there have been some small problems with our company.”

“Your Uncle Zheng and I are both working hard to solve this problem,” Lin Cheng said as he stared straight at Lin Yun. “Xiao Yun, you’ve also studied business management. You should know this.”

Lin Yun frowned and looked worried. “Is the company in trouble? Is there anything I can do for the company?”

Hearing Lin Yun take the initiative to ask what she could do for the company, Lin Cheng’s expression immediately became a little happy.

He pulled Lin Yun’s arm and walked toward the sofa.

Butler Lin immediately walked forward and cleaned up the pieces of porcelain on the sofa.

Lin Cheng pulled Lin Yun to sit on the sofa and said, “Dad is old and Xiaoyu has just returned to the Lin family. She doesn’t know many things.”

“So, Dad hopes to let you enter the company and help Dad.”

When Lin Yun heard Lin Cheng’s words, she shook her head violently. “No! Dad, I…”

“Xiao Yun, if you’re worried about your identity…” Lin Cheng looked at Lin Yun sincerely.” Don’t worry, Dad and Mom have always treated you as their daughter. You’re still the eldest daughter of our Lin family! ”

Hearing Lin Cheng’s words, Lin Yun almost laughed out loud.

The eldest daughter of the Lin family?

Was she the eldest daughter of the Lin family after being abandoned by the Lin couple and chased out of the Lin family?

Lin Cheng could really lie through his teeth!

He wanted to erase everything about how he had treated her with just a few words.

Could it be that Lin Cheng had forgotten how he had criticized her in front of everyone and wanted to chase her out of the Lin family?

Lin Cheng felt that his words were sincere, but Lin Yun didn’t seem to have any reaction.

He frowned slightly and thought for a moment before saying, “If you’re worried about your studies, don’t worry. Dad won’t let the company’s matters affect your studies!”

Lin Cheng gave Lin Yun another “good condition”.

Lin Yun lowered her head again as if she was thinking seriously.

Seeing this, Lin Cheng immediately added, “Dad wants to arrange for you to study in the company for a while. This way, with you in the company in the future, Dad can rest assured.”

“But Xiao Yu…” Lin Yun looked up at Lin Cheng and hesitated.

When Lin Cheng heard this, his expression changed slightly. It could be seen that he didn’t have a good impression of Lin Yu.

He took a deep breath and said, “Xiao Yun, you should know how much effort Dad has put in to nurture you all these years.”

“Although Xiaoyu is my biological daughter, but…” Lin Cheng sighed heavily again.

“To be honest, she’s destined to have a share in this company, but I won’t let you suffer!”

“When the time comes, you and Xiaoyu will be in the company together. The company needs the two of you to work hard together!”

Hearing Lin Cheng’s words, Lin Yun sneered in her heart.

If Lin Yu wasn’t stupid enough to push herself into the vortex of public opinion and cause the Lin family and the Zheng family to fall into a crisis and be unable to escape quickly, would Lin Cheng have thought of letting Lin Yun enter the Lin Corporation to “share the benefits”?

If it weren’t for the fact that Lin Yu didn’t have the ability to participate in the Lin Corporation’s operations and would even bring disaster to the Lin Corporation, would Lin Cheng rope Lin Yun in again?

No matter what Lin Cheng did, he only cared about benefits. He didn’t care which of his two daughters he was closer to!

After all, he had to nurture someone else!

Lin Yun guessed that Old Master Wang had probably noticed this long ago, so he stopped the cooperation between the Wang family and the Lin family in time, allowing the two families to gradually break away from the fusion.

After all, if Lin Cheng really bought over all the Wang family’s businesses, it would be impossible for Old Master Wang to recover!

How could Old Master Wang casually give away the world that he had fought for decades to outsiders?

Of course, Lin Cheng was not the outsider in question. After all, a son-in-law was equivalent to half a son. Lin Cheng could be considered half a member of the Wang family.

What Old Master Wang was worried about was that Lin Cheng would sooner or later give all the Wang family’s assets to the person who had been sent overseas by Wang Lan!

Thinking of that person, Lin Yun felt a slight warmth in her heart.

That person who had once brought her family care when she was young and made her feel the love of siblings!

He was different from Wang Qi. Wang Qi was more like a best friend, a playmate…

And he was more like family!