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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 260 - Family Warmth

Chapter 260: Family Warmth

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“I heard that Elder Qian has retired for many years.” Lin Yun looked at Lin Qian strangely.

“Yes… that seems to be the case!” Lin Qian chuckled and said, “So it was quite difficult to get this thing!”

“I hope you don’t mind!” Lin Qian said. His eyes filled with anticipation.

Lin Yun hurriedly closed the box and pushed it in front of Lin Qian. “No! This is too precious!”

Lin Qian shook his head and pushed the box back. “Only when you meet someone who appreciates it can you show its value!”

“I was originally worried that you wouldn’t like this gift, but now it seems that I’ve given the right thing to you!”

Lin Yun was about to refuse again when Pei Man stopped her. “Since your second brother wants to give it to you, thank him.”

Lin Yun hesitated for a moment before holding the box in her hand. “Thank you, Second Brother!”

Hearing Lin Yun’s address, the smile on Lin Qian’s face deepened. “It feels like my first time being an older brother!”

Lin Han could not help but roll his eyes. “If Lin Feng heard this, he would probably cry again.”

“Ah,” Lin Qian said. He seemed to have thought of something, and his expression instantly became a little… awkward.

Lin Qian turned to face Lin Yun and “warned” her solemnly. “You have to be careful of Lin Feng in the future. That guy cries as if he wants to pour seawater into the house!”

Lin Yun was a little curious about this younger brother she had never met.

When she was investigating the Lin family’s background, her younger brother, Lin Feng, who had skipped a few levels since he was young, also filled her with curiosity.

However, according to Lin Yu, this younger brother was a timid and weak fool who only knew how to cry.

This coincided with what Lin Qian said now.

After the meal, Lin Yun had a deeper understanding of her original family and received many unexpected gifts.

However, Lin Yun was still recovering from her shock. She had originally thought that her original family was as poor as Lin Yu had said.

She had even thought of using her power to make this family’s life better. From the looks of it, she was probably the most useless person in this family!

With this realization, Lin Yun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

After dinner, Lin Yun chatted with her family for a while before she returned to her temporary room with Pei Man.

Opening the door, Lin Yun was stunned. If she remembered correctly, this room was still white when she arrived today.

Now, not to mention the warm pillow and furniture in the room, even the curtains and blanket had been carefully chosen for Lin Yun.

The carpet and furniture were beige, and the entire room gave off a very distinctive atmosphere. Anyone would think that this was not what they called a “temporary” residence.

Lin Yun stood at the door and stared blankly for a long time. Lin Han and Lin Qian, who were observing from afar, were a little anxious.

“Could it be that Sister doesn’t like this style?” Lin Han asked nervously.

“I told you to add some cartoon patterns and dolls! Girls like these the most!” Lin Qian reiterated his opinion that he had already expressed but was rejected by her brother.

“Why don’t we prepare something else?” Lin Qian leaned against the wall, wanting to see Lin Yun’s expression.

After a while, Lin Yun turned around and hugged Pei Man. “Thank you, Mom! Thank you, Big Brother and Second Brother!”

As Lin Yun spoke, she looked at the two people hiding in the distance.

Clearly, she had heard their whispered conversation.

Lin Qian and Lin Han smiled awkwardly and walked out from behind the wall to Lin Yun’s room.

Lin Qian emphasized again, “You can stay in this room for the time being. We’ll move in soon after the new house is built.”

“Tell me what style you like. I’ll let them do it according to your preferences!”

“I guarantee that you will live in a comfortable room!”

Lin Yun shook her head and said, “This place is already very good! Really!”

Lin Yun was not lying.

She could already feel the warmth of her family here. It was really good!

… .

After a good night’s sleep, when Lin Yun opened her eyes, weak sunlight shone through the curtains.

It had been a long time since she had slept so comfortably!

Even in an unfamiliar environment, she actually slept soundly all night.

How long had it been since she felt like this?

Lin Yun sat by the bed in a daze when she heard a commotion downstairs.

She walked out of the room and looked over. She saw Lin Qian and Lin Han arguing about something in the kitchen.