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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 257 - Building a Small House

Chapter 257: Building a Small House

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Lin Qian couldn’t help but smile bitterly when he heard Pei Man’s words. He had really heard these words since he was young!

When could his family change their preference for girls over boys?

Lin Qian was sighing when he heard Lin Han call out from afar, “Is Lin Qian back? Come and help!”

“Brother, I just entered. Let me rest…” Lin Qian was about to beg for mercy, but he was killed by Lin Han’s next sentence.

“When you called me today…” Lin Han’s voice sounded calm.

Lin Qian immediately sat up from the sofa and rushed towards Lin Han. “Brother, I’m here!”

If the empress dowager knew that he was there today, but didn’t save her precious sister, it would be odd if she didn’t skin him alive!

Lin Qian’s strange actions made Pei Man narrow her eyes and think to herself, “There must be something suspicious about the two of them!”

Lin Yun looked at Pei Man’s actions and expression, then at the direction where Lin Qian disappeared. She couldn’t help but grin.

This family was much more fun than she had imagined!

Lin Ting prepared the food and instructed his staff to send over some fruits and wine.

Lin Yun looked at the sumptuous dishes on the table and couldn’t help but swallow.

After being in the Lin family for so many years, she had gotten used to Lin Cheng’s show of the Lin family’s thriftiness. The food at the family table had always been simple.

Unless there were guests, they would not ask the chef to prepare some sumptuous dishes.

Although Lin Yun was already used to this “frugal style”, she was still touched when she saw the food Lin Ting had specially prepared for her.

The family sat around the dining table. Pei Man introduced everyone to Lin Yun again.

Apart from her parents, Pei Man introduced Lin Yun’s two brothers.

“Your brother, Lin Han, studied medicine at university. After graduation, he’s looking for a job everywhere.”

“Second Brother, Lin Qian, dresses up all day long. He doesn’t have a proper job.”

As Pei Man spoke, she couldn’t help but sigh. “I can only hope that our third child can be successful. At least it can stop us from being so worried.”

When Lin Qian heard Pei Man’s words, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes and mutter to himself, “She’s not really worried! Otherwise, how can she not care about what we’re doing!”

Lin Yun was stunned when she heard Pei Man’s introduction.

Lin Yun knew that Lin Han’s University major was in biomedical science. After graduation, he worked in microbiology technology.

Moreover, his company was now a large and established firm in Sea City’s industry. Even the Wang family was actively promoting cooperation with him!

As for this information, it was naturally told to her by the “Lin Han Encyclopedia”, Wang Qi.

As for Lin Qian’s identity…

Ever since she confirmed it with Lin Qian last time, she had figured out the hidden identity of this celebrity singer!

However, to Pei Man, these two big shots in the industry were useless trash at home.

The more Lin Yun thought about it, the more incredulous she felt.

Lin Han did not seem to intend to explain much to Pei Man. After all, he had long been used to it.

Lin Han said to Lin Yun, “This will be your home from now on. If there’s anything, tell your brothers!”

“I’ve already prepared your room. It shouldn’t be a problem to stay for a while…”

“Tomorrow, I’ll get someone to redesign it and build a separate house for you.”

“After all, it’s better for girls to not live with their parents!”

“They’re very annoying!”

Hearing Lin Han’s words, Lin Yun could not help but be stunned. “Beside? Build another house?”

“Or do you prefer to live with this old couple?” Lin Han misunderstood Lin Yun’s shock and asked in confusion.

Lin Yun quickly shook her head and said, “No, no. I mean, the land beside it is also…”

Lin Han nodded in understanding and said, “Back then, the government planned to tear down all the old houses and chase the villagers out.”

“Many fishermen have lived here for generations. They rely on fishing to survive. Where are they going to live after leaving this place!”

“So, those two…” Lin Han looked in the direction of Lin Ting and Pei Man.” They paid for all the land around here. ”

“As for the fishing industry here, we’ve also rented it to them.”