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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 256 - I’ll Give You The Best

Chapter 256: I’ll Give You The Best

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Wang Lan walked to Lin Yu’s side and wiped her tears as she sighed. “You have to find someone reliable in the future.”

“Just like the two people you found today. Their ability to adapt to the situation is really bad!”

Lin Yu looked up at Wang Lan in surprise.

Did Wang Lan tacitly agree to her actions today?

Did she just think she wasn’t doing enough?

Did she just think that she didn’t select the right people?

Lin Yu blinked at Wang Lan. Her hazy eyes and swollen eyes made Wang Lan’s heart ache.

She raised her hand and gently tucked a strand of Lin Yu’s hair behind her ear before speaking again. “You either don’t do this kind of thing or you have to do it flawlessly.”

“Mom can tell that you were a little surprised by the appearance of these two people. Is there a problem?”

Hearing Wang Lan’s concerned question, Lin Yu finally regained her senses.

She pouted at Wang Lan aggrievedly. “The last time, Zheng Yu asked me about my biological parents. I really felt that they were too embarrassing, so I casually made up two people for him to investigate.”

“Who knew that he really found them! He even brought them to the cocktail party!”

Hearing Lin Yu’s words, Wang Lan frowned again. “Didn’t these two contact you before they came?”

Hearing Wang Lan’s question, Lin Yu was stunned.

Yes, she had never thought of that!

Although she had told these two people a lot of things, she had also clearly told them that she would contact them when she needed them to appear.

This cocktail party was an important day that concerned her future happiness. She would never let such a thing interfere with her future!

She did not expect Zheng Yu to invite the two of them to the scene…

Moreover, these two people didn’t even reveal any information to her before coming to the cocktail party…

Could there be something else she didn’t know?

At the thought of this, Lin Yu couldn’t help but tense up.

Someone knew her scheme and bribed these two people, which was why today’s scene happened!

Who was the person behind this?

Wang Lan looked at Lin Yu’s expression and knew that things were probably more complicated than she thought.

Wang Lan sighed and held Lin Yu’s hand. “Your father is in a fit of anger. If he scolds you, listen and don’t refute. Otherwise… it won’t be good for you.”

Hearing Wang Lan’s words, Lin Yu felt wronged and sad.

She had suffered for no reason!

Who was secretly plotting against her?

It was clearly an engagement banquet and she had a good persona. This time, it was all ruined!

… .

Under the gaze of her biological parents and two brothers, Lin Yun enjoyed a delicious meal that was not conducive to digestion.

Not long after Lin Yun was brought home, Lin Qian pretended to have just received the news and rushed home.

Worried that Hao Ping would speak too much and make the Empress Dowager suspicious, Lin Qian sent Hao Ping back to his house to rest for two days.

Looking at Lin Yun sitting in her living room, Lin Qian quickly walked forward and said with a smile, “The last time I saw you, I felt that you were a little familiar.”

“So you’re family!” Lin Qian revealed a proud expression. “You really inherited our family’s outstanding genes!”

“I’ve been wondering why Little Yu doesn’t look like us at all…” Lin Qian couldn’t help but pout.

Pei Man slapped her son’s waist. “Cut the crap! Go help your brother!”

“Huh? Help with what?” Lin Qian looked at Pei Man in confusion.

“If your sister comes home to stay, won’t you have to tidy up her room?!” Pei Man frowned and looked at her son as if he was an idiot.

“The situation is a little sudden now. She can only make do for the night. From tomorrow onwards, prepare a suitable room for her!” Pei Man grabbed Lin Yun’s hand and looked into her eyes.

“What style of room do you like?”

“Our Eldest can’t do anything else, but he’s good at packing!”

Lin Yun couldn’t help but grin when she heard Pei Man describe Lin Han.

If Wang Qi knew that the all-rounded Senior Lin Han in her eyes was someone who only knew how to pack things in his mother’s words, she wondered how she would react!

Lin Yun smiled at Pei Man and said, “You don’t have to prepare a room for me.”

Pei Man frowned and looked at Lin Yun. “How can that do! Of course, my precious daughter has to stay in the best room!”

“Don’t worry! Dad and Mom will never let you suffer again!”

“I’ll give you the best at home!”