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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 253 - Taking Advantage of the Situation

Chapter 253: Taking Advantage of the Situation

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Cheng looked at Lin Yu, who was sobbing in Wang Lan’s arms and couldn’t help but sigh.

It was a good engagement party, but it ended up like this!

Not to mention losing face in Sea City, these reporters who came today would probably make things even more exciting!

Lin Cheng clenched his fists tightly, trying his best not to explode with anger at this moment.

However, no matter how much he restrained himself, he was still furious when he saw the aggrieved Lin Yu!

Ever since Lin Yu returned, Lin Cheng had finally wiped out all the things Lin Yu had done in the past.

Not only did he spend a lot of effort, but he was also hacked by a certain malicious hacker!

Every time he thought of this, Lin Cheng wondered if he had made the wrong decision in acknowledging Lin Yu!

However, his daughter was his biological daughter after all. Since he had acknowledged her, everything was worth it as long as she was fine.

How should he change the situation now…

As Lin Cheng was thinking, he heard someone discussing not far away. “I heard that the Zheng and Lin families have encountered a corporate crisis recently. I wonder if this happened?”

As soon as this person finished speaking, another person said, “Sigh, I heard that the Zheng family’s capital chain has been broken.”

“The Lin family doesn’t seem to have anything that can be replenished in time…”

“In that case, the engagement banquet of the Zheng and Lin families seems to have been held with ulterior motives!”

Lin Cheng and Zheng Song looked at each other. They didn’t expect someone to hit them when they were down!

Not only that, as soon as that person spoke, many people from the Lin family and the Zheng family, who were not in the business world, also came out to add salt to the wound.

These words not only exaggerated the crisis of the Zheng and Lin families but also described the two families as about to collapse tomorrow.

Faced with such a situation, Lin Cheng and Zheng Song could no longer sit back and do nothing.

Zheng Song walked onto the stage again and said to the guests, “Everyone, our Zheng family’s cocktail party today was originally hosted to announce a new project with the Lin family. The estimated funding of the project is about 300 million.”

“As for the engagement banquet of the two families, we originally planned to announce it together as part of the joyous announcement.”

“I didn’t expect such a thing to happen. Please don’t mind me and continue to enjoy the wine and food!”

“Please continue with the cocktail party!”

Zheng Song seemed to want to casually erase what had just happened.

However, the guests at the scene were not so easily fooled.

“In this state, who still has the mood to drink and eat?!” A guest snorted, clearly not wanting to follow Zheng Song’s expectations.

“That’s right! Will the crisis of the Lin family and the Zheng family implicate the other wealthy families in Sea City?”

“Since the matter has already blown up to such an extent, can the children of the two families still get engaged?”

Many people echoed. The Zheng family probably couldn’t hold this cocktail party anymore.

“I don’t think Zheng Yu is interested in Lin Yu either. Perhaps he was forced to get engaged!” Someone began to worry about Lin Yun.

“That’s right. Is he in such a hurry to find Lin Yun’s parents because he still has feelings for her?”

“It looks like the Zheng and Lin families are breaking up!”

“No wonder Lin Yun hasn’t been in a good state recently.”

“That’s true. She suddenly found out that she’s not the biological daughter and was chased out of the residence she had lived in for more than ten years. Her fiancé was even snatched away!”

“Lin Yun is really pitiful!”

For a moment, Lin Yun became the tragic female lead in the romance drama, enjoying everyone’s sympathy and pity.

The scene was in chaos. The person who took the lead to instigate everyone to deal with the crisis of the Lin family and the Zheng family glanced at Lu Chen’s private room.

Ning Kun nodded at that person, and that person left the venue under the noisy crowd.

… .

Lin Yun was pulled out of the hotel by Pei Man and came to Lin Ting’s car.

Lin Ting didn’t rush her and quietly waited for Pei Man and Lin Yun to chat.

“Xiao Yun, Daddy and Mommy are sorry. We really didn’t know about this. Will you… blame us?” Pei Man was a little nervous and didn’t dare to pull Lin Yun into the car.

She was afraid that Lin Yun would resist, and that Lin Yun would still have a grudge against them.

Lin Yun shook her head at Pei Man and smiled faintly. “Let’s talk when we get back?”

Pei Man was stunned for a moment before a big smile appeared on her face. “Alright! Let’s go back first!”