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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 243 - Lu Chen’s Presence

Chapter 243: Lu Chen’s Presence

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

There were not many people in the lounge. Lin Yun originally planned to ask Jiang Meng to help her with her makeup before leaving.

Unexpectedly, she heard such a meaningful discussion.

Lin Yun had long expected that the people attending the cocktail party would not be too friendly to her, but she did not expect that someone would already gossip about her behind her back before the cocktail party even started.

… .

“I heard that a handsome man I’ve never seen before has come with CEO Fu from Tian Le Records!” A girl in her early twenties ran in with a gown.

Her flustered appearance immediately attracted the disdain of the older ladies present.

The lady did not mind. She ran to her companion and started talking.

Lin Yun looked at the girl. She seemed to remember that she was with Ni Tang and the others. However, her family shouldn’t be considered rich, so Lin Yun rarely saw her. Lin Yun did not look at any of this girl’s companions.

As they were chatting, they heard Mimi’s voice at the door. “Chen Fang! Where did you go again!”

The excited girl immediately fell silent and looked nervously at the door.

Mimi walked through the door and crossed her arms impatiently. “I told you to get something from the hall and you were dawdling!”

“Why did you come here to chat instead of quickly sending the things to us next door!” Mimi’s tone was cold as she ordered the girl around.

Lin Yun and Wang Qi looked at each other with enlightened expressions.

So the important people were all in the lounge next door!

Lin Yun watched as the girl lowered her head and jogged to the lounge next door with Mimi.

After Lin Yun and Wang Qi packed up, they brought Jiang Meng to the cocktail party.

At the banquet, almost all the celebrities of Sea City were gathered. Not only that, but some celebrities from the business world were also invited to the venue.

It could be said that this was a small gathering of business big shots.

And the Zheng and Lin families had chosen to hold such a banquet at this time. Lin Yun could not help but suspect that not only the Zheng family, but the Lin family was also in trouble.

Lin Yun scanned the venue and saw Jin Yan standing in the corner.

At this moment, Jin Yan was no longer with Lin Cheng. Instead, he stood alone in the corner and drank champagne.

Lin Yun was puzzled when she heard the host announce the start of the banquet. Zheng Song and Lin Cheng were already standing on the podium.

On the other side of the podium stood Lin Yu, who was wearing a light red gown, and Zheng Yu, who was wearing a black suit.

Lin Yu smiled happily as she stared at the two people on the stage.

In contrast to Lin Yu, Zheng Yu’s expression was a little gloomy. The black marks under his eyes seemed to be the result of not sleeping the entire night.

After Zheng Song and Lin Cheng spoke, Zheng Song stood in front of everyone again.

Just as he was about to announce the engagement of the children of the two families, there was a commotion at the door.

Everyone looked at the door and saw a person pushing a wheelchair in.

And sitting in the wheelchair was the miracle of the business world—Lu Chen!

Zheng Song and Lin Cheng did not expect Lu Chen to appear. They were stunned for a moment. After looking at each other, they hurriedly went over.

Who was Lu Chen?!

He was someone who controlled more than 60% of the country’s economic lifeline.

It could be said that other than the business scope directly controlled by the country, everything else was related to the Lu family! To be lucky enough to invite Lu Chen to the banquet could be bragged about for years!

It was even more precious that Lu Chen could attend the engagement banquet of the two families!

Lin Cheng and Zheng Song came to Lu Chen with smiles on their faces. “CEO Lu, why are you here?”

“CEO Lin, do you not welcome me?” Lu Chen raised his head slightly and looked at Lin Cheng.

Lin Cheng was shocked and hurriedly said, “No, no! You’re welcome!”

Zheng Song also looked at Lu Chen with a smile. “CEO Lu, hurry up! Please come in!”

As Zheng Song spoke, Fu Heng had already walked over. “CEO Zheng, CEO Lin, I’ll take care of Third Brother…”

As Fu Heng spoke, he gestured for Ning Kun, who was pushing the wheelchair, to follow him.

Lin Cheng and Zheng Song, who had yet to speak to Lu Chen, watched the three of them leave and could not help but feel a little anxious.

The engagement of their children was important. But if Lu Chen could not stay here for long, wouldn’t they miss the opportunity to curry favor with Lu Chen?