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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 228 - A Gift That Can’t Be Returned

Chapter 228: A Gift That Can’t Be Returned

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

They got into the car. Under Jin Ying’s urging, Lin Yun opened the gift box.

“Wow! What a beautiful gown!” Jin Ying looked at the gown in Lin Yun’s hand with her mouth wide open and her eyes shining.

Wang Qi looked at the gown and couldn’t help but praise, “You have good taste! Who gave it to you?”

As a straight man, Feng Hao could only sit at the side and quietly watch the women exclaim.

He glanced at Jin Ying from time to time, as if thinking about something.

Lin Yun did not expect Lu Chen to give her a gown and was a little surprised.

What did he mean by this gesture? Did he want her to attend the cocktail party in this gown? Could it be that he would also attend the cocktail party?

Even when his body was fine, Lu Chen rarely attended such banquets. Why was he doing it this time?

The more Lin Yun thought about it, the stranger she felt. She did not notice that Jin Ying’s eyes suddenly widened.

“Xiao Yun, look at what’s under there!” Jin Ying pointed at a small box under the gown.

Lin Yun lowered her head and took out a small square velvet box.

Lin Yun opened the box and was shocked. Inside was a set of diamond jewelry that matched the gown.

“He even prepared for this? This person is very meticulous!” Wang Qi said as she winked at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun felt a little complicated.

She had seen this set of jewelry before…

It was one of the items she saw when she followed Lin Cheng to an auction in the capital last year.

She remembered that this set of jewelry was sold for a sky-high price of 300 million!

Lu Chen actually gave her the jewelry just like that?

Lin Yun suddenly closed the box.

She said to Wang Qi nervously, “Send them to meet Ellie first. I’ll go over later.”

With that, Lin Yun opened the car door and rushed out.

Wang Qi looked at Lin Yun’s flustered back and couldn’t help but pout.

Jin Ying didn’t know what had happened. She looked at Lin Yun’s back and asked, “What’s wrong with Xiao Yun? Is there something wrong with this jewelry?”

“It looks just like a gown. It looks very expensive!” Jin Ying did not understand these things, but these things looked very expensive.

Wang Qi shrugged and started the car. “It’s probably because it’s too expensive…”

Lin Yun got out of the car and picked up the phone to call Lu Chen.

Lu Chen looked at the phone call from Lin Yun and smiled.

Ning Kun looked at Lu Chen’s expression and left the room with a smile.

Lu Chen picked up the phone. “Miss Lin, what’s the matter?”

“CEO Lu, is it convenient for you to meet me now?” Lin Yun asked bluntly.

Lu Chen replied expressionlessly, “I’m sorry, Miss Lin. I’m a little busy now and it’s not convenient.”

Lin Yun paused for a moment before saying, “Then can you get Assistant Ning to come over and take back the things you dragged CEO Fu over to give me?”

“Take it back? Why? Doesn’t Miss Lin like it?” Lu Chen’s tone was calm, but one could tell that he was not happy.

Lin Yun gulped and said, “CEO Lu, I like your gift very much, but this… is too expensive!”

Lu Chen’s tone finally softened. “Miss Lin, since this gift has been given to you, it’s yours.”

“There’s no reason to take back a gift.”

“I won’t interfere with how you plan to handle it.”

“Even if you throw it away, Miss Lin, please handle it yourself.”

Lin Yun was speechless. How could such a precious thing be casually handled?

She took a deep breath before saying, “No matter what, I can’t accept this gift…”

Lu Chen’s voice sounded even colder. “Then it’s up to Miss Lin.”

After Lu Chen finished speaking, he hung up.

When Lin Yun heard the beeping sound of the phone being hung up, a sense of helplessness surged into her heart.

When did Lu Chen become such a domineering person? Was this still the Lu Chen she knew?

Lin Yun sighed and picked up the phone again to call Ning Kun.

No matter what, she had to find a way to send this gift back.

Unexpectedly, Ning Kun decided not to answer Lin Yun’s call.

Lin Yun stood there with the gift in her arms. After thinking for a long time, she sighed and took a taxi to meet Wang Qi and the others.

The meeting place was a small villa.

Lin Yun walked in and greeted the receptionist at the door before walking towards the VIP room on the top floor.