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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 225 - Lin Yun’s Gift

Chapter 225: Lin Yun’s Gift

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Lin Qian, I haven’t been able to contact you for the past two days. Do you have any professionalism left in you?” Fu Heng looked at Lin Qian, who was sitting on the sofa leisurely and was furious.

Lin Qian picked up the coffee in front of him and took a sip. “Why is CEO Fu so angry?”

“Didn’t I tell you long ago that my empress dowager has issued a decree for me to go back and take a look when I have nothing to do?” Lin Qian said unhurriedly, “I’m taking the time to go back.”

“Who said you have nothing to do? The most important thing now is to sign Mingyi!” Fu Heng said angrily.

Lin Qian waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry! What’s yours will never escape!”

“We can’t rush to sign Ming Yi in the next day or two. We still need to think about it.”

“No longer! I only have a week!” Fu Heng said as he leaned back in his chair dejectedly. “If I can’t sign her in a week, Third Brother will definitely twist my head off!”

Lin Qian didn’t seem to feel Fu Heng’s pressure and fear at all.

He shrugged and said, “Alright, alright, I’ll do my best! If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first! There’s still a signing event in the afternoon. I’m going to prepare now.”

Fu Heng waved his hand weakly. “Go, go! You’re all busy! Just leave me here alone!”

When Ning Hao walked into the office, he saw Fu Heng slumped on the table like a frosted eggplant.

He approached the desk and said in a low voice, “CEO Fu, the gift for Miss Lin has been prepared. Are you going to send it to CEO Lu personally or…”

Fu Heng raised his head weakly and looked at Ning Hao with his chin on the table. “Can I not see Third Brother?”

Ning Hao shook his head expressionlessly, shattering Fu Heng’s beautiful dream.

Fu Heng buried his face on the table again and only perked up after a while.

He suddenly stood up and tidied his clothes. “Let’s go! Let’s go give my third brother a gift for his future wife!”

As Fu Heng spoke, he swaggered out, not looking dejected at all.

… .

“Third Brother, the gift is ready. When are you planning to send it over?” Fu Heng looked at Lu Chen, who was sitting in the wheelchair and raised his eyebrows slightly, looking like he was watching a show.

Lu Chen placed his hands on the armrest of the wheelchair and raised his head slightly to look at Fu Heng. “You go.”

“Huh?” Fu Heng did not react for a moment and could only blink at Lu Chen.

“Send the gift,” Lu Chen repeated expressionlessly, but he could vaguely sense his impatience.

“How can I give it on your behalf? What if Miss Lin misunderstands me?!” Fu Heng frowned in disapproval and refused.

Lu Chen’s expression changed slightly. Ning Kun, who was standing behind him, spoke first. “CEO Fu, don’t worry. Miss Lin has high standards. She won’t.”

Fu Heng nodded at first, before realizing that there was something wrong with Ning Kun’s words.

He glanced at Ning Kun before looking at Lu Chen again. “Since Third Brother insists on me going, I can only reluctantly make this trip.”

“However, if Miss Lin isn’t willing to accept it or something, I can’t interfere.” Fu Heng walked out.

Lu Chen’s cold voice sounded behind Fu Heng. “Don’t come back if you can’t settle it.”

Fu Heng stopped in his tracks and cursed silently. Then, he turned around and smiled at Lu Chen. “Third Brother, don’t worry. I will fulfill my mission!”

Ning Kun and Ning Hao were not surprised to see Fu Heng gritting his teeth before turning around to flatter him.

After leaving Lu Chen’s office, Fu Heng stopped in his tracks and said in a puzzled tone, “Third Brother is so concerned about this Miss Lin. I wonder how Old Master will react when he finds out.”

Ning Hao looked at Fu Heng’s back and did not respond.

… .

Lin Yun was surprised to receive Fu Heng’s call.

Their paths did not cross.

Fu Heng said that Lu Chen asked him to send something over, but why didn’t Ning Kun send it over?

Although Lin Yun found it strange, she did not reject him too bluntly.

The two of them arranged to meet at a cafe near Li’an University. Coincidentally, Lin Yun had a group mission to do at school.

When Lin Yun walked into the cafe, there were several people inside and outside. Many of them were Li’an’s students, and there were also some who came from nowhere.

And these people all had one thing in common…

They were all girls!