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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 220 - A Gift for Zheng Yu

Chapter 220: A Gift for Zheng Yu

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Are you sure this is okay?” Lin Yun looked at the huge gift box in front of her and couldn’t help but feel worried.

“Don’t worry! I guarantee that their jaws will drop!” Wang Qi said and raised her eyebrows.

Lin Yun thought to herself, That’s right! Their jaws would indeed drop, and they might even have a heart attack!

Wang Qi had specially customized a luxurious gift box set for the Zheng family’s cocktail party. Not only did it contain the evidence of Zheng Yu’s exploits that Wang Qi had gathered since she was young, but there were also some videos recorded by women who had been played by Zheng Yu.

Wang Qi had put in a lot of effort into preparing this gift. Even the pieces of the jade bracelet that Zheng Yu had destroyed back then but were thought to be Wang Qi’s work were inside.

“I keep feeling that you’re not helping me… but taking revenge for yourself.” Lin Yun couldn’t help but sigh.

“In any case, the enemy is the same. We have a common enemy!” Wang Qi chuckled and revealed a malicious smile.

Lin Yun shook her head and smiled bitterly.

Wang Qi suddenly slapped her forehead and shouted, “Aiya, I forgot that you have another enemy.”

“Well… I’m not familiar with her. What do you need me to do?” Wang Qi widened her eyes and looked eager.

Lin Yun smiled lightly but shook her head at Wang Qi. “No need. I’ll think of a way myself!”

“As for this gift…” Lin Yun’s gaze wandered around the gift box again.” You can use it for yourself. ”

… .

Lin Yun followed the address on her phone to the beach.

This place was a distance away from the main city area of Sea City, and its main economic activity was fishing. The tourism industry was not prosperous.

However, it was said that the seafood food industry in this area was very developed, and many people came because of it.

The last time she brought Aunt Xu and Wang Qi here to relax,

At that time, she only paid attention to the scenery here and had never studied the fishermen here carefully.

Lin Yun walked to the door of one of the fishermen’s houses. The tall shelves were filled with fishing nets.

A woman was packing up the seafood she had just salvaged, her face covered in sweat.

Lin Yun walked forward. “May I ask…”

Hearing Lin Yun’s voice, the woman looked up. “Little girl, who are you looking for?”

Lin Yun looked at the woman’s kind expression and asked, “May I ask if there’s a Lin family nearby?”

Hearing that Lin Yun was looking for someone surnamed Lin, the woman immediately stood up.

“You’re looking for someone with the surname Lin. Look, follow this road all the way to the east. Do you see those large fishing boats over there?” The woman pointed at a row of fishing boats of the same size and style by the sea.

Lin Yun nodded.

The woman continued, “Go and ask someone in the fishing boat over there.”

Lin Yun thanked the woman and walked towards the fishing boat.

Along the way, Lin Yun saw many fishermen’s families. There were all kinds of fishing tools, fishing nets, and dried seafood of various sizes at the entrance.

Lin Yun took a closer look. There was a similar sign hanging outside everyone’s house.

Lin Yun didn’t know what this sign meant, but it looked like a symbol.

With questions in her mind, she walked all the way to the row of fishing boats.

From afar, these fishing boats were only a few sizes larger than ordinary fishing boats.

However, when she got closer, Lin Yun realized that these fishing boats were almost the size of a small cruise ship.

She couldn’t help but be surprised.

At this moment, a young man walked past her. “Miss, are you looking for someone?”

Lin Yun turned to look at the person. It was a young man in work clothes.

“Hello, is there a family with the surname Lin here?” Lin Yun asked again.

The young man smiled politely. “Miss, please follow me.”

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment. She looked around and saw many staff members and fishermen in the distance, so she followed the person to the fishing boat.

Lin Yun walked into the fishing boat and realized that it was a small ship restaurant.

The restaurant was not big and could accommodate five to six tables of customers.

Lin Yun followed that person all the way to the seats inside. That person turned around and invited Lin Yun to sit down. “Miss, this way please.”

Only then did Lin Yun realize that the other party was treating her as a guest!

She quickly explained, “I’m here to look for someone, not to eat.”

“Looking for someone?” The other party was a little puzzled. “Miss, aren’t you looking for the Lin family’s restaurant?”

“A restaurant?” Lin Yun was stunned for a moment before saying, “Isn’t this the fishery? Why…”

“Our Lin family’s restaurant usually only entertains regular customers. I just heard from Miss that you want to look for the Lin family. I thought…” The young man looked apologetic.”I’m really sorry!”