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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 216 - A Gift for Lin Yun

Chapter 216: A Gift for Lin Yun

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In a silver Rolls-Royce not far away, Lu Chen narrowed his eyes.

“CEO Lu, Young Master Zheng has an appointment to try on the gown in the afternoon, but Miss Lin… Miss Lin Yu went with her friends early in the morning.” Ning Hao put down the phone. “That gown shouldn’t be for Miss Lin Yu.”

Lu Chen looked through the car window at the red Mercedes-Benz that had already left.

“Got it.” Lu Chen retracted his gaze and pondered.

“Third Brother, let me tell you…” Fu Heng was about to tell Lu Chen his new plan when Lu Chen stopped him.

“The Zheng family’s banquet.” Lu Chen’s voice sounded deep.

Fu Heng was stunned for a moment. “Yes, yes, the Zheng family’s banquet…”

“The day after tomorrow at 7 pm. The invitation has already been sent to your table. Anyway, you won’t be going…” Fu Heng didn’t react for a moment and said a lot.

He looked up and saw Ning Hao gesturing something to him.

Suddenly, he exclaimed, “Third Brother, do you want to go to the Zheng family’s cocktail party?”

Then, Fu Heng seemed to have discovered something new. “You don’t usually like these cocktail parties. What happened today?”

“Or is there something special about this Zheng family’s cocktail party that attracts you?”

Fu Heng was guessing with interest when he heard Lu Chen’s impatient voice. “Come with me.”

Fu Heng did not hear Lu Chen’s words clearly and continued, “However, cocktail parties have always been boring. I don’t think you will…”

Suddenly, Fu Heng paused.

“Are you really going?” Fu Heng exclaimed, his eyes widened.

Seeing Fu Heng’s frightened expression, Ning Hao shook his head gently. He was already used to it.

Lu Chen ignored Fu Heng’s scream and said, “Prepare a gift.”

“Oh, okay.” Fu Heng nodded. Then, he heard Lu Chen hang up.

Fu Heng suddenly reacted. “Who is the gift for? A man or a woman?”

Fu Heng asked a series of questions, but there was no response.

Fu Heng looked at his phone and frowned like an old grandfather.

He looked up at Ning Hao with a pleading look. “What’s going on now? Why do you want me to prepare a gift? Is Ning Kun on leave?”

Ning Hao replied expressionlessly, “CEO Fu is more experienced in giving ladies gifts.”

“Oh, so it’s for a woman…” Fu Heng nodded and had some thoughts.

Then, he looked at Ning Hao with a frown. “What do you mean? What do you mean I’m more experienced?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Fu Heng realized another problem. “No! Third Brother is giving a gift to a woman? Which woman?”

Ning Hao finally couldn’t take it anymore. He looked at Fu Heng as if he was looking at an idiot. “I think that only Miss Lin Yun can make CEO Lu so concerned!”

Although Fu Heng could clearly feel Ning Hao’s disdain, he had to say that Ning Hao’s analysis was very reasonable.

Since it was a gift for Lin Yun, Fu Heng had to choose carefully.

After all, this was the first time Lu Chen had given a woman a gift!

Fu Heng felt that Lu Chen had been a little strange recently.

In the past, he had never been interested in women’s matters. Now, he was paying special attention to two women. One was Lin Yun, and the other was Mingyi.

Mingyi could be considered an important chess piece for Lu Chen’s business expansion.

What about Lin Yun?

Could it be that he had Lin Yun’s blood in his body, so he paid special attention to her?

Or did he already have special feelings for Lin Yun?

The more Fu Heng thought about it, the more he felt that it was the latter.

If that was the case…

“Ning Hao, prepare the car. I have something to report to the Old Master!” Fu Heng looked excited as he picked up his jacket from the chair and rushed out.

He had to let the Old Master know about this first, and then…

Then, he could wait for the Old Master to get the results!

Fu Heng felt that he was simply the smartest person around!

Ning Hao gazed at Fu Heng’s disappearing figure and looked down at the cooperation agreement between Lin Qian and the project team. He shook his head.

Lin Yun sat in the car and looked at the scenery passing by.

“Qi Qi, do you think life is like a movie?” Lin Yun asked thoughtfully.

Wang Qi glanced at Lin Yun suspiciously and said, “What triggered you? Why do you look so old-fashioned?”