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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 202 - The Shaken Zheng Yu

Chapter 202: The Shaken Zheng Yu

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yun’s expression changed slightly.

She was about to speak when Lin Yu arrived behind her.

Lin Yu looked at the fat girl in front of Lin Yun in surprise. “Xiao Qiong, what are you talking about!”

Lin Yu looked at the girl unhappily. “My sister is a member of the Lin family. How can you say that no one wants her! Even if she’s not the Lin family’s biological daughter, she’s still a child raised by our Lin family!”

The girl called Xiao Qiong snorted. “If something is not innate to a person, you won’t be able to teach it no matter what!”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows and looked at Lin Yu.

Lin Yu shouted coldly again, “Xiao Qiong, you’re too much! Sister is part of our family. I won’t allow you to talk about her like this!”

Xiao Qiong perked up. “Look at her. She doesn’t look like a Lin at all!”

“In my opinion, only someone like you can tell at a glance that she’s the eldest daughter of the Lin family!”

“That’s right!” The skinny girl beside Xiao Qiong also spoke.

Lin Yun looked at the three of them talking and immediately felt a little incredulous.

She straightened her expression slightly before asking, “Are you guys done? Can I leave now?”

Seeing that Lin Yun was about to leave, Lin Yu hurriedly grabbed Lin Yun’s wrist. “Sister, wait a moment. I really have something to tell you. It’s very important!”

Lin Yun stood still and looked at Lin Yu. “Speak!”

Lin Yu hesitated again.

Lin Yun rolled her eyes and pulled Lin Yu’s wrist away. “We’ll talk about it when you’re ready!”

Lin Yun took a step forward and Lin Yu said, “Dad said that he wants to introduce a blind date to Sister. He hopes that Sister can come home on the weekend…”

Lin Yun stopped again and looked at Lin Yu with a faint smile. “A blind date?”

Lin Yu nodded heavily and said, “He’s the candidate Dad and Mom chose!”

“They also want Sister to be happy! So Sister…” Lin Yu paused as if she was afraid that Lin Yun would reject her.

Lin Yun sneered. “There’s no need. I’ll handle my own matters.”

Lin Yu opened her mouth and sighed slightly before saying, “I know that Sister is very unhappy because of me and Zheng Yu…”

“But the two of us are really sincere. I hope Sister won’t…”

Lin Yun raised her hand and interrupted Lin Yu’s long speech.

“There’s no need to say what you’ve already said!”

“I’ll tell you one last time. I have nothing to do with Zheng Yu. What the two of you want to do has nothing to do with me.”

“You don’t need to drag me along, and please don’t use me as a victim when you exalt your love.”

“I don’t need or want to be involved!”

“Do you understand?”

“If you understand, that’s it!”

After Lin Yun finished speaking, she left quickly before the three of them could react.

When Lin Yu reacted, she could only grit her teeth and watch Lin Yun leave.

Xiao Qiong stood beside Lin Yu and stared at Lin Yun’s back. “Why is this woman so mean!”

“She doesn’t have the demeanor of a noble lady at all!”

The girl beside Xiao Qiong chimed in, “That’s right! I thought that the music genius Lin Yun would be so virtuous and gentle.”

“I didn’t expect her to be so eloquent!”

Lin Yu remained silent.

She stared in the direction where Lin Yun had disappeared, the nails of her hands digging into her palms.

If it weren’t for the fact that Zheng Yu had been acting strangely these past few days, why would she come and say these words to Lin Yun?

Ever since he saw Lin Yun in the restaurant that day, Zheng Yu had become strange.

When Lin Cheng suggested that the two families arrange the engagement first, Zheng Yu actually said that there was no hurry and that it had to be arranged properly.

When Lin Cheng was dissatisfied and asked for the reason, Zheng Yu explained that he wanted to give Lin Yu an unforgettable engagement ceremony.

However, Lin Yu knew very well that Zheng Yu was wavering!

In his heart, he even hoped that Lin Yun loved him too!

Lin Yu gritted her teeth again and cursed Lin Yun and Zheng Yu in her heart.

Xiao Qiong and Xiao Yu were still commenting on Lin Yun when Lin Yu had already turned around and left angrily.