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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 185 - Plotting for Seven Years

Chapter 185: Plotting for Seven Years

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Before Lu Teng could finish, Old Master Lu slapped him.

The old man glared at Lu Teng angrily. “What are you trying to do? Are you rebelling?”

Although Lu Teng had been slapped, he revealed a sinister smile. “Don’t you know? The current Lu Corporation has already fallen into my hands!”

Lu Teng’s words immediately caused an uproar.

How could the Lu Corporation’s foundation be eaten up in a day? How long had Lu Teng planned to say such words on such an occasion!

It had to be known that everyone at the scene was related to the Lu Corporation.

If there was really a major upheaval in the Lu Corporation, the people present should have received any news.

And if Lu Teng’s public declaration of war did not succeed, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Lu Teng did not seem to hesitate.

His face was a mask of confidence.

He had planned for seven years for this day!

From the day the old man said that he would hand the company over to Lu Chen in the future!

Lu Teng stared at Old Master Lu. “You didn’t expect this, right, Grandpa! The grandson you look down on the most has already become the largest shareholder of the Lu Corporation!”


“And you and your precious grandson are about to leave the Lu Corporation!”

“You will lose everything!”

After Lu Teng finished speaking, he laughed wildly.

Old Master Lu gestured to the person beside him to verify Lu Teng’s words.

Some time ago, the Lu Corporation’s shares had indeed suffered several heavy losses.

In order to protect Lu Chen, Old Master Lu had no choice but to sell a portion of his shares.

However, even so, it was impossible for Lu Teng to have 47% of the shares!

There must be something else!

Soon, the person beside Old Master Lu walked forward and whispered into his ear.

Old Master Lu’s expression changed slightly. His eyes revealed a serious and disappointed expression. “What exactly do you want!”

Hearing Old Master Lu’s question, Lu Teng revealed an arrogant smile. “My biological grandfather, don’t you know what I want to do?”

“I want you to pay the price for neglecting me!” Lu Teng gritted his teeth.

He turned to look at Lu Chen, only to see that Lu Chen was still looking at him expressionlessly.

“You! Don’t think that I’ll be afraid of you just because you pretend to be unfathomable!” Lu Teng pointed at Lu Chen angrily.

For some reason, since he was young, Lu Chen had always been so damn indifferent. But he could always turn the situation around at the most critical moment!

Lu Teng was most annoyed to see Lu Chen’s expression. This made him panic and even fear.

“No matter what, the Lu Corporation belongs to me now!” Lu Teng suddenly raised the wine glass in his hand and turned around to face everyone present.

“Welcome to my succession ceremony’!” After Lu Teng finished speaking, he drank the wine in his cup.

The guests looked at each other, not knowing how to react.

Lu Chen looked at Lu Teng and slowly said, “Second Brother, I’ve told you many times that no matter what you do, you have to confirm it again before you announce something.Why can’t you even do this small thing well every time?”

Hearing Lu Chen’s words, Lu Teng’s eyes widened.

He rushed to Lu Chen angrily and said anxiously, “Don’t talk to me like you’re superior!”

“From today onwards, get out of the Lu family!”

Lu Chen sat in the wheelchair and raised his head slightly to look at Lu Teng. “Are you sure there’s no problem with the shares you have?”

“Of course!” Lu Teng raised his head confidently.

When the old man sold his shares, Lu Teng had already masked his identity with a few companies to buy nearly 12% of the shares.

And his father’s first wife was already in his hands.

As for the old heroes of the Lu Clan, they were also willing to stand on his side.

Now that he held the power of life and death in the Lu Corporation, those idle shares naturally belonged to him! If he counted carefully, the shares in his hands were probably far more than 47%!

Lu Teng looked at Lu Chen confidently. “You only have 15% of the shares. Even with Old Master and Aunt’s shares, it won’t exceed 40%!”

“What do you have to compete with me!”

“This time, you’ve lost!”

Lu Teng’s expression was arrogant and confident, as if everything was in his hands!