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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 184 - Loss of Power

Chapter 184: Loss of Power

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Ning Kun looked at Lu Chen worriedly.

Lu Chen’s body had yet to recover, not to mention that Lu Teng might have poisoned the wine.

Ning Kun stared at Lu Chen. If there was anything wrong with him, he would immediately call Doctor Chang over.

Doctor Chang was the Lu family’s family doctor. Before returning to the Lu family, Ning Kun had especially contacted him.

Doctor Chang was already on standby in the guest room.

Lu Chen drank the glass of wine and seemed to be fine. From Lu Teng’s reaction, it didn’t seem like he had drugged the wine.

Ning Kun was finally relieved.

Lu Teng still looked at Lu Chen with a smile.

He leaned down slightly and whispered into Lu Chen’s ear, “I have good news for you. Tonight, the Lu family is mine!”

Hearing Lu Teng’s confident words, Lu Chen’s expression trembled slightly.

He looked up at Lu Teng and asked softly, “What do you mean?”

Lu Teng did not answer him. Instead, he walked to the center of the crowd.

He stood there, raised his glass, and shouted, “Everyone! Everyone! Please look at me!”


The guests all turned to Lu Teng and waited for him to speak.

Lu Teng could not hide the excitement on his face.

He looked around at everyone and said, “Today is an important day for me and the Lu family!”

“I’m glad that all the guests can come to the banquet to witness this important moment!”

It was obvious that Lu Teng was very excited. Although he tried to restrain himself, his voice trembled.

Old Master Lu walked over and said coldly, “Are you crazy! Stand down!”

Lu Teng turned to look at Old Master Lu. “Grandpa!”

“Grandpa, I’ll call you Grandpa for the last time today!”

Old Master Lu rolled his eyes. “What? Are you rebelling?”

Lu Teng suddenly laughed out loud.

He laughed wildly, sounding a little hateful.

Finally, Lu Teng stopped laughing.

He faced Old Master Lu and changed his usual humble attitude.

Lu Teng gritted his teeth and said, “Rebel? From today onwards, the Lu family is mine!”

“And all of you have to get out!”

Lu Teng’s words shocked all the guests present.

They whispered to each other, guessing what Lu Teng was talking about!

Lu Teng, on the other hand, looked confident. “Are you surprised? The person you look down on the most will become the true master of the Lu family from today onwards!”

Old Master Lu raised his hand and was about to slap Lu Teng. “I think you’re crazy!”

Lu Teng grabbed the old man’s hand. “Why? You don’t believe me?”

“Let me tell you! I already hold 47% of the Lu family’s shares!”

“In other words, I’m the biggest shareholder of the Lu family now!”

The Lu family’s shares were personally distributed by Old Master.

The old man had three sons and a daughter.

The old man now held 30% of the shares.

Lu Chen’s father was the old man’s most beloved youngest son. At that time, he received 10% of the shares.

After Lu Chen was born, the old man gave another 5% of the shares to Lu Chen’s father.

Lu Teng’s father was also favored by the old man and owned 10% of the shares. However, after his father passed away, the shares fell into the hands of Lu Cong’s first wife.

The eldest son of the Lu family had run away from home in the early years because of an argument with the old master. He got married overseas and had a family there. He almost never returned to the country.

After hearing that the eldest son of the Lu family had a child, Old Master Lu gave him 10% of the shares.

The old man’s daughter, Fu Heng’s mother, also owned 10% of the shares.

As for the remaining 25%, 12% of it was distributed to the six elders who had contributed to the Lu family.

Excluding 8% that was given to the outstanding employees, the remaining 5% was in the hands of individual investors.

Lu Teng did not have any shares to begin with. Now that he had said that he was the biggest shareholder, everyone present treated him as a joke.

However, when the old man heard Lu Teng’s words, he revealed a disappointed expression.

Lu Teng thought that Old Master Lu had such an expression because he knew that the situation was hopeless. However, he did not know that Old Master Lu had long sensed that someone was doing something, but he was unwilling to believe that it was really Lu Teng!

Lu Teng looked at the old man’s disappointed expression and felt relieved!

He took a deep breath and said, “Grandpa, if you had trusted me a little back then and let me take over the Lu Corporation earlier, we wouldn’t have ended up like this!”

“Of course, on account that you’re my grandfather, I won’t be too ruthless!”

“I can give you a place to stay… and he…” Lu Teng looked at Lu Chen with a malicious smile.