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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 182 - Lu Clan’s Feast

Chapter 182: Lu Clan’s Feast

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Chen watched as Ning Kun led Lin Yun out.

It was not until Lin Yun’s figure disappeared from the elevator that Lu Chen’s face turned ashen.

He picked up his phone and called Fu Heng. “Tell Old Master that I’ll be back tonight.”

Fu Heng was a little surprised to receive Lu Chen’s call. He was even more surprised that he was going back to the old residence.

“What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you plan to let Lu Teng suffer for a while longer?” Fu Heng asked curiously.

Lu Chen narrowed his eyes and said dangerously, “He can use the Lu Corporation, but he can’t hurt the people I want to protect!”

“The person you want to protect?” Fu Heng exclaimed. “Who is it?”

“Eh? Hello? Who is it?”

Fu Heng put down his phone and glared at the beeping phone, cursing in his heart.

“You actually hung up on me!” Fu Heng shouted unhappily.

However, when he remembered that this seemed to be Lu Chen’s usual style, he could only pout and swallow his grievances.

Right now, he had more important things to do!

Since Lu Chen wanted to return to the old residence, it meant that he wanted to deal with Lu Teng and the others!


This was a good show that he had been looking forward to!

… .

Beijing, evening.

In the brightly lit Lu family’s old residence, there were more than ten luxury cars lined up outside.

The news of Lu Chen returning to the old residence tonight had spread throughout the Lu family from the moment Fu Heng called Old Master.

Lu Chen rarely returned to the old residence.

However, as the Old Master’s treasure, every time Lu Chen returned, the Old Master had to make extensive preparations.

That scene was probably comparable to an ordinary family getting married.

Lu Chen deliberately let Fu Heng tell Old Master because of this. Although he was very tired of every feast ceremony, he planned to set up a trap for someone this time round!

When Lu Chen arrived at the Lu family’s old residence, Old Master Lu specially instructed someone to add a ramp on the doorstep in the afternoon.

To a wealthy family like the Lu family, this threshold was a symbol of status.

For the old man to change his doorstep without hesitation, it was obvious that he doted on Lu Chen!

Ning Kun pushed Lu Chen’s wheelchair and successfully entered the old residence.

In the banquet hall of the old residence, dozens of Lu family relatives and friends had already arrived.

Old Master Lu also stood at the entrance of the hall and waited for Lu Chen.

When the old man saw Lu Chen, he immediately walked forward and held Lu Chen’s hand. He asked, “How is it? Are you tired? Are you feeling unwell?”

The usually dignified and cold old man looked more like a grandfather who doted on his grandson.

Lu Chen shook his head and smiled. “I’m not tired or uncomfortable. Don’t worry, Grandpa!”

When Old Master Lu heard this, he snorted heavily.

He shook off Lu Chen’s hand and said fiercely, “I told you to stay in the old residence to recuperate last time, but you didn’t listen!”

“I can’t get you to come back! Otherwise, your injuries would have healed by now!”

After saying that, the old man turned to glare at Ning Kun. “It’s because you subordinates didn’t take good care of Xiao Chen that he hasn’t recovered yet!”

Although Ning Kun felt wronged, he could only lower his head and not dare to say anything.

CEO Lu’s injuries… were really difficult to explain!

Seeing that Old Master had been talking about him, Lu Chen immediately changed the topic. “Is he back?”

The old man naturally knew who Lu Chen was talking about.

He snorted and said, “No! He’s so slow every time!”

Lu Chen was already used to Old Master’s attitude towards Lu Teng. He only nodded and said, “Then I’ll go back to my room to rest for a while.”

The old man hurriedly said to Ning Kun, “Quick! Push Xiao Chen in and rest well! When he comes, I’ll get someone to inform you!”

Ning Kun immediately accepted the order and pushed Lu Chen towards the corridor on the other side of the hall.

Lu Chen’s room was in a small building behind the old residence.

This small building was where Lu Chen’s parents lived back then. It was where Lu Chen grew up.

After entering the building, Lu Chen asked Ning Kun to prepare while he returned to his room to rest.

Ning Kun quickly left as he had many things to do.

Lu Chen slowly turned his wheelchair and went towards his room. Pushing open the door, Lu Chen looked at the familiar room layout and spotless environment. He knew that his grandfather had been getting someone to clean this small building. Even if Lu Chen was not around, the small building still maintained its original appearance.