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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 179 - Interview

Chapter 179: Interview

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After Lin Yun sent the address and time to Ning Kun’s phone, Ning Kun replied in less than a minute.

Lin Yun put away her phone and lay back on the bed, but she was no longer sleepy. She was awake until dawn. She climbed out of bed and felt that her head was heavy.

She pushed open the door and saw Wang Qi walking out of the room with sleepy eyes.

Lin Yun looked at Wang Qi’s huge panda eyes and asked curiously, “What’s wrong? Didn’t sleep well?”

Wang Qi narrowed her eyes and looked at Lin Yun with a frown. “Why are you asking me?! Look at your pale face!”

Lin Yun reached out to touch her cheek and revealed a tired smile. “I didn’t sleep well. I’m a little tired.”

Wang Qi nodded and the two of them walked towards the dining room like wandering souls.

When Aunt Xu saw Lin Yun and Wang Qi like this, she almost screamed, “Miss, Miss… What’s wrong?”

Lin Yun smiled tiredly. “Nothing. I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Wang Qi had been staying in the house for a few days and was familiar with the people in the house.

She sat listlessly on the chair and shouted into the kitchen, “Aunt Zhang, I need a cup of coffee! It has to be strong!”

Aunt Zhang hurriedly replied. Soon, the sound of the coffee machine operating came from the kitchen.

Wang Qi couldn’t help but frown when she heard the rumbling sound. “Your new house’s equipment isn’t good!”


Lin Yun glanced at Wang Qi and said, “I’m not interested in coffee!”

“Then you prepared this?” Wang Qi blinked and asked, “Is it for me?”

Lin Yun couldn’t explain why she wanted to buy a coffee machine.

However, since Wang Qi was willing to be the reason, there was naturally no need for Lin Yun to explain too much.

“That’s right! Everyone knows that you’re a coffee addict!” Lin Yun snorted and shouted into the kitchen, “Aunt Zhang, please prepare a cup for me too!”

Aunt Zhang replied again.

Wang Qi chuckled. “You’ve really changed a lot! In the past, you would never drink such bitter things!”

Lin Yun shrugged and said, “What can be more bitter than life?”

Lin Yun’s casual words made Wang Qi frown. “Xiao Yun, remember to tell me if there’s anything bothering you. Don’t take on everything alone anymore! Do you understand?”

Wang Qi’s concern was naturally received by Lin Yun.

Her face was full of smiles. “I know! You’re the best in the world!”

Aunt Xu was carrying a plate out of the kitchen. When she heard Lin Yun’s words, she immediately snorted aggrievedly.

Wang Qi chuckled and said, “Look! Aunt Xu is jealous!”

Lin Yun smiled at Aunt Xu and said, “Aunt Xu treats me the best!”

Aunt Xu finally smiled in satisfaction.

After breakfast, Wang Qi took her things and set off for the Wang family.

As for Lin Yun, she changed her clothes and prepared to meet Lu Chen.

Just as she reached the door, Lin Yun’s other phone rang.

Lin Yun frowned slightly and looked at the call on the phone. It was one of the assistants of the newly promoted Masked King.

Lin Yun and Ou Yang had only met once when they were waiting for the contestants.

Lin Yun had a good impression of Ou Yang, especially in her previous life. Ou Yang had once stood up for a contestant. Unfortunately, his words did not have much effect.

Furthermore, Ou Yang also left the production team because of this matter. Later on, it was said that he was fired because he offended the capital behind the scenes.

Just like in her previous life, Ou Yang was responsible for arranging the order of appearance of each contestant and the interview work.

Because Lin Yun was a contestant recommended by the judges, she did not interact with Ou Yang in the early stages.

Lin Yun chose a seat further away from the door and stood still. She caressed the necklace on her chest before picking up the phone. “Hello, Assistant Ou.”

When Ou Yang heard Lin Yun’s voice, he was stunned for a moment before he suddenly remembered that Mingyi did have such a hoarse voice.

“Hello, Ming Yi. I’m here to inform you that there’s an interview with you in three days. I’ll send you the content, time, and location of the interview this afternoon. Please pay attention to it.”

Lin Yun frowned slightly and asked, “Three days later? I might not have enough time.”

It was not that Lin Yun was pretentious, but she had to return to Li’an three days later. If Lin Yun was absent for no reason, she would definitely be suspected.

Moreover, their project team had not merged for a while, so they still needed to meet their friends.