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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 174 - Lin Yu’s Grievance

Chapter 174: Lin Yu’s Grievance

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yu and Zheng Yu left the restaurant. She was not in the mood to eat anymore, so she asked Zheng Yu to send her back to the Lin family

After walking into the Lin family’s house, Lin Yu said, “I’m tired. You can go back first!”

Zheng Yu’s mind was filled with what had just happened. Without saying anything, he turned around and left.

Lin Yu rushed into her room and threw everything on the bedside table to the ground. She growled angrily in a low voice, trying to vent her emotions.

After a while, Wang Lan heard that Lin Yu had returned home and rushed over.

She pushed open the door and entered the room, only to see a mess.

Wang Lan couldn’t help but be shocked. She quickly walked to Lin Yu’s side and asked softly, “Xiaoyu, what’s wrong?”

Lin Yu looked up at Wang Lan with an aggrieved expression. “Mom, I don’t want to be engaged to Zheng Yu anymore.”

Wang Lan looked at Lin Yu in surprise. “Why? Did something happen?”

Lin Yu lowered her head and said gloomily, “He still likes my sister!”

“Lin Yun?” Wang Lan’s voice instantly rose.

“What did she do this time?”

Lin Yu hugged her knees and sat on the sofa. “We met her and cousin in the restaurant today.”


Wang Lan frowned when she heard that.

“Sister and the others… seem to mind me being with Zheng Yu.” Lin Yu still looked pitiful.

“Perhaps Sister really likes Zheng Yu and doesn’t want to give him to me.”

“Or perhaps, Zheng Yu also likes Sister! And I’m just the person who ruined their relationship!”

The more Lin Yu spoke, the more aggrieved she felt. Tears flowed down her face.

Wang Lan’s heart ached even more.

She gritted her teeth and said, “That little bitch Lin Yun is really persistent!”

“If Zheng Yu really liked her, why would he agree to getting engaged to you!”

“Don’t worry, Zheng Yu definitely likes you!”

“It’s just that that child has been dense since he was young and doesn’t know how to express himself!”

“You guys have to communicate more!”

The more Wang Lan spoke, the more she felt that Zheng Yu and Lin Yu were two innocent children who didn’t know how to fall in love at all. She couldn’t help but shake her head helplessly.

Lin Yu lowered her face slightly and buried it in her knees.

What she hid was not only her tears, but also a disdainful expression.

Was Zheng Yu dense?

What a joke!

He was simply a playboy!

Looking at what was in the bowl, he wanted what was in the pot!

Now that Lin Yun no longer had the Lin family as her backer, Zheng Yu would choose her because he hankered after the chance to rely on the Lin family in the future.

If Lin Yun really had the help of other forces one day, Zheng Yu might turn around and find his “true love”!

Lin Yu hugged her knees and cried, making Wang Lan even more sad and heartbroken.

She gently hugged Lin Yu and said, “Don’t worry, Dad and Mom are here. We won’t let you suffer!”

“Mom will think of a way to resolve this matter for you!”

As Wang Lan spoke, her eyes flickered with determination.

Lin Yu grunted before looking up at Wang Lan with teary eyes. “Thank you, Mom…”

“I really like Zheng Yu. I don’t want… I don’t want to give him to my sister…”

Wang Lan smiled knowingly. “Don’t worry! Zheng Yu will definitely be yours! Why should Lin Yun compete with you!”

Lin Yu finally smiled shyly.

Wang Lan patted Lin Yu’s back gently and said, “If there’s anything in the future, tell Dad and Mom. We will definitely be on your side!”

“Don’t let yourself be wronged!”

“You’re the eldest daughter of our Lin family. No one can hurt you!”

“Especially Lin Yun, do you know?”

Lin Yu nodded heavily and said, “I understand, Mom! I definitely won’t disappoint you!”

Wang Lan suddenly thought of something.

She said, “Ah, your father found you a teacher who’s even better than Ji Rou. He’ll come over for dinner later.”

“With him around, you will definitely be able to win the championship!”

Lin Yu blinked at Wang Lan and smiled sweetly. “Thank you, Mom! You guys are so good to me!”

Wang Lan gently hugged Lin Yu and said, “Silly child! You’re our child! Who else should I treat well but you!”

“Don’t worry, as long as it’s what you want, Dad and Mom will definitely do our best to help you get it!”

Lin Yu leaned on Wang Lan’s shoulder and nodded with a victorious smile.


She sneered as she mulled over the chances of Lin Yun competing with her.

I’m the real daughter of the Lin family!

Everything should belong to me!