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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 18 - Never Return Home Again

Chapter 18: Never Return Home Again

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Xiao Yu, trust me. Your father and I only have you as our daughter. We will naturally leave the best for you!” Wang Lan grabbed Lin Yu’s hand and said earnestly.

“But…” Lin Yu was at a loss for words.” I’m already back. Sister…”

“We have our reasons for not asking her to leave and adopting her.”

Wang Lan gently stroked Lin Yu’s long hair as she spoke.

“Father and Mother have been nurturing her for almost 20 years. If we give up just like that, wouldn’t we have wasted our efforts?”

“Furthermore, she was groomed by the Lin family. Naturally, she has to contribute to the Lin family before she can leave.”

“Mom, what do you mean?” Lin Yu seemed to not understand, hoping to get a clearer answer from Wang Lan.

Wang Lan smiled and gently patted Lin Yu’s hand. “Since I’ve already told you today, I’m not afraid of making things clear to you.”

“Your father already found a place for the girl.”

“Once she recovers, she’ll be married off!”

“Marry?” Lin Yu’s eyes flickered. “Who will she marry?”

Wang Lan smiled and said, “We have arranged a marriage for her and the Zheng family since she was young. Now that they are adults, they are going to discuss the engagement…”

When Lin Yu heard this, she secretly gritted her teeth and thought to herself, ‘Lin Yun, you’ve snatched my position as the heiress for so many years. I will not allow you to have the chance to marry into a rich family again!’

Wang Lan didn’t notice Lin Yu’s thoughts. She pondered for a moment before continuing, “Now that her identity is different, the Zheng family might not even like her anymore!”

“Your father has been thinking about finding her a partner recently. There should be news about it in the next two days.”

“What kind of family?” Lin Yu asked anxiously.

Wang Lan smiled. “It’s probably the crippled Second Master of the Feng family.”

“The Feng family? The Feng family who started the farm?” Lin Yu searched through her understanding of the wealthy families in Hai Cheng and suddenly thought of the inconspicuous Feng family.

“Yeah! I heard that the second son of the Feng family is in his early fifties now. Because he fell ill from a young age, he hasn’t gotten married yet.”

“But I heard that he’s smart and capable. He’s even managing the Feng family’s tens of thousands of pigs now!” Wang Lan said. It was hard to tell if she was sincere or not.

“What a good marriage!” Lin Yu couldn’t help but smile.

“Of course. With her background, it’s a blessing to be able to marry him!” Wang Lan said seriously.

“It’s his fortune to be able to marry sister!” Lin Yu didn’t forget to praise.

“Of course! We’ve spent so much time and effort raising her all these years!”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that the second master of the Feng family offered two food processing factories as betrothal gifts, we wouldn’t have agreed!”

Wang Lan snorted. She seemed to despise the Feng family for not having enough dowry.

“Food processing plant? It really suits my sister!” Lin Yu smiled even more deliberately, making it hard to tell if it was real or fake.

“Sister learned a lot under my parents’ upbringing. I can’t compare to her,” Lin Yu said and sighed.

“Thinking about all these years in that fishing village…” Lin Yu said as tears fell from her eyes.

“Child, it’s all in the past!” Wang Lan hugged Lin Yu tenderly.

“Tell me, did that fisherman treat you well?”

Lin Yu suddenly choked on her tears.

“That fisherman’s family is very poor. They can’t even eat three meals a day on time.”

“I either eat fish or prawns every day. If I want to eat something else, I’ll have to wait for Mom and Dad to go to the market to purchase it every month.”

“At that time, I didn’t have my own room because my limbs were often swollen from drifting on the sea all day…”

The more Lin Yu spoke, the more aggrieved she became. She threw herself into Wang Lan’s arms and started crying.

Wang Lan hugged Lin Yu tightly. “Good child! You’re home! Dad and Mom will definitely dote on you!”

Lin Yu sobbed in Lin Yu’s arms. “I don’t want to go back anymore!”

“Okay, okay, okay! You won’t go back, you won’t go back!” Wang Lan comforted him as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“CEO Lu, this is the information from our investigation. Please take a look.” Ning Kun held a stack of documents and handed them to Lu Chen respectfully.

Fu Heng leaned against the sofa and stuck out a thumb. “Ning Kun, your efficiency is getting higher and higher!”

Ning Kun did not dare to be negligent and ignored Fu Heng’s teasing.

“CEO Lu, Ms. Lin is also hospitalized. Are you…”

Lu Chen looked up at Ning Kun.

His expression did not change, but Ning Kun suddenly felt a chill down his spine.