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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 169 - What a Coincidence

Chapter 169: What a Coincidence

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Wang Qi’s words immediately made the atmosphere awkward.

Wang Qi continued, “Also, I have a friend here. It’s really not convenient for me to eat at the same table as you.”

Hearing Wang Qi’s words, Zheng Yu and Lin Yu searched around.

Sure enough, the two of them quickly found Lin Yun not far away.

Seeing Lin Yun, Lin Yu’s expression became even uglier. As for Zheng Yu, his face froze, looking even more nervous and awkward.

Since they had already seen her, Lin Yun had no choice but to accompany Wang Qi in this show. She walked up to Zheng Yu and Lin Yu and said softly, “What a coincidence.”

Zheng Yu felt awkward, but he could only reply innocently, “Yes, what a coincidence.”

When Lin Yu heard Zheng Yu’s words, she glared at him in disbelief before saying to Lin Yun, “Why is Sister here? I thought you were still injured and shouldn’t be going out!”

Lin Yun shrugged and said, “My injuries are almost healed.If Dad hadn’t let me recuperate in that empty house in the distant suburbs, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have recovered so quickly!”

Lin Yun’s words immediately caused a commotion.

“There have long been rumors that Lin Cheng chased Lin Yun, his adopted daughter, out of the Lin family. Looks like it’s true!” A middle-aged woman in gorgeous clothes couldn’t help but say to her companion.

Beside her, a woman with a high bun agreed. “From what Lin Yun said, the Lin family is really ruthless!”

“Now that his biological daughter has been found, his adopted daughter is treated like an old shoe!”

“Lin Yun is still injured, yet she was chased out. It’s even an empty house. They’re clearly letting her fend for herself!”

The middle-aged woman in gorgeous clothes shook her head and continued, “I heard that Lin Cheng organized an introduction banquet for his biological daughter and invested in the competition!”


“Lin Yun, who once garnered good repute for the Lin family, has become an abandoned pawn!”

“That’s really…”

The discussions of the crowd reached the ears of the main characters and Lin Yu’s expression looked a little ferocious.

Wang Qi pursed her lips and tried her best to suppress her smile.

After a while, Wang Qi said again, “Xiao Yun’s injuries are almost healed. Aren’t you preparing to attend your engagement party with Young Master Zheng?”

Wang Qi’s words made the atmosphere lively again.

Most people in Sea City knew that the Lin family and the Zheng family had an engagement.

Almost everyone thought that it was only a matter of time before Zheng Yu and Lin Yun got engaged. And now, Wang Qi actually said that Zheng Yu and Lin Yu were getting engaged…

It was as if a towering tree had appeared on the originally flat road! As a giant tree, Lin Yu’s face could be described as dark. She panted slightly, trying to suppress her burning anger.

However, Lin Yun had a faint smile on her face. “Lin Yu is the daughter of the Lin family. This engagement belongs to the Lin family and the Zheng family! As for me…”

Lin Yun paused for a moment. It was this pause that made everyone present feel Lin Yun’s grievance.

Lin Yun shook her head and chuckled. “I’m fine! Your happiness is the most important!”

The moment Lin Yun said this, the veins on Lin Yu’s forehead almost popped out.

Wang Qi was holding back her laughter at the side. Unexpectedly, she saw Zheng Yu looking at Lin Yun helplessly and affectionately.

Wang Qi thought to herself, Does this guy really think that Lin Yun loves him because she can’t bear to part with their relationship?

Wang Qi couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Just as she was about to speak, the door of the restaurant opened again and a few men entered.

One of the men was in a wheelchair, being pushed in the direction of the crowd.

Lin Yun immediately saw Lu Chen in the wheelchair. Her expression changed slightly, and she suddenly wanted to disappear on the spot.

However, Lu Chen clearly did not feel the same way.

He was pushed all the way to Lin Yun. “Miss Lin, long time no see.”

Wang Qi sized up the man who had suddenly appeared in front of her. She was surprised and regretful.

This man looked handsome and had the charm of a mature man. Unfortunately, he was disabled!

Wang Qi shook her head regretfully and turned to Lin Yun. “You know him?”