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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 162 - Going on a Holiday

Chapter 162: Going on a Holiday

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Wang Qi looked at her parents as they departed m, feeling a little confused and vexed.

“Didn’t the two of them come early in the morning to denounce you?”

“Why is your attitude so… moderate now?”

“I really can’t stand it!”

No wonder Wang Qi found it strange.

Wang Long and Liao Mei’s initial attitude was to suppress Wang Qi and make her go to the Lin family to apologize.

However, in the end, he only asked Wang Qi to return to the main family to take a look. This was really… strange!

Lin Yun also found it strange at first, but she noticed Wang Long and his wife’s small actions under the table.

Clearly, someone had asked them to retreat.

It looked like Wang Qi would feel better after returning to the Wang family!

However, that was all in the future.

Lin Yun looked at Wang Qi’s confused expression and frowned slightly. “Who asked you to come back?”

When Wang Qi heard Lin Yun’s question, she looked aggrieved. “Why? Are you blaming me too?”

Lin Yun sighed and pulled Wang Qi to the living room to sit down. “I’m afraid that you’ll be used by others.”

“Don’t worry! No one asked me to come back!” Wang Qi chuckled.

“I came back because I saw the news about the real daughter and the Lin family promoting her competition!”

“You know about the competition?” Lin Yun was even more surprised.

“Guess how I noticed this small regional competition?” Wang Qi said mysteriously.

Lin Yun shook her head. She really couldn’t guess the reason.

“I found a contestant who sings like you!” Wang Qi held Lin Yun’s hand in surprise.

“I immediately thought of you when I heard her voice!” Wang Qi said and couldn’t help but sigh.

“My parents and grandfather have been hiding things about you from me…” Wang Qi looked at Lin Yun with heartache.

“It’s been too hard on you these past few days!” Wang Qi said as she gently hugged Lin Yun.

Lin Yun took a deep breath in Wang Qi’s warm and familiar embrace.

In her previous life, when Wang Qi rushed back after hearing the news, Lin Yu and Zheng Yu were already engaged.

Lin Yun had also been brainwashed by Wang Lan and Lin Yu and couldn’t listen to Wang Qi at all.

At that time, Wang Qi scolded Lin Yun fiercely and returned to Austria, never to return.

Lin Yun thought that if she was willing to listen to Wang Qi at that time, perhaps everything would have changed!

However, the past was the past!

Now that Wang Qi had returned home early because of her resistance, she was no longer alone!

Lin Yun’s lips curled up slightly.

She gently hugged Wang Qi back. “Qiqi, it’s so good to have you around!”

Wang Qi snorted and said, “Then you can listen to me in the future. Don’t make me worry anymore!”

Lin Yun grunted and said, “When are you going back?”

Wang Qi couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “You really know how to ruin the atmosphere.”

However, she still answered honestly, “Before next Tuesday.”

“Hmm…” Lin Yun’s smile deepened.” Then let’s go out and have fun these few days! ”

Lin Yun couldn’t remember how long it had been since she relaxed and went out to play.

Ever since she was reborn, she had to be 120% focused on everything and everyone she faced.

Perhaps, she could only truly relax in front of Wang Qi.

When Wang Qi heard that Lin Yun wanted to go out to play, she immediately pushed Lin Yun out of her arms excitedly. “Then where are we going today?”

Lin Yun curled her lips and said, “Get Aunt Xu to prepare some food. Let’s go to the beach!”

“Sure! I’ve missed the beach and bikinis for a long time!” Wang Qi said excitedly.

Lin Yun looked at the sky outside and said, “Isn’t the bikini a little too much? The temperature outside is only ten degrees Celsius!”

Wang Qi waved her hand and said, “It’s not important! I want to enjoy the beach!”

Lin Yun smiled bitterly and asked Aunt Xu to help prepare the things. She also instructed the driver to prepare the car.

By the time the arrangements were made, it was almost noon.

Wang Qi excitedly carried the food basket into the car and even waved at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun held Aunt Xu’s hand and wanted to bring her out.

Aunt Xu quickly rejected her. “Miss, just go! I’ll wait for you at home!”

Lin Yun held Aunt Xu’s hand and refused to let go. “Aunt Xu, you should relax!”

“Let’s go! Maybe if we go and have a change of scenery, things will be better!”

Hearing Lin Yun’s words, Aunt Xu subconsciously followed Lin Yun into the car.