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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 159 - The Engagement Was Not Negotiated

Chapter 159: The Engagement Was Not Negotiated

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At this moment, after Wang Qi left, the Lin family fell into a long silence.

Wang Qi’s unexpected appearance finally brought up Lin Yun, whom the Lin family and the Zheng family had wanted to avoid.

Zheng Song was originally worried about Lin Yun and wanted to maintain the engagement between Zheng Yu and Lin Yun.

However, it was obvious that the Lin couple did not share his perspective.

Just as he was hesitating about how to resolve this matter, a crisis occurred in the Zheng family, which also caused Zheng Song’s thoughts to change.

Lin Yun was no longer the eldest daughter of the Lin family.

If Zheng Yu was engaged to Lin Yun, she might not be the treasure of the Lin couple.

If the Zheng family really needed the Lin family to help, would Lin Cheng still be as sincere as before?

Although Zheng Song was an upright person, he had to consider the development of the Zheng family in the business world.

Although Zheng Yu was Zheng Song’s pride, he knew his son very well.

Zheng Yu was not cut out for business. If the Zheng family was handed over to Zheng Yu in the future, it was anyone’s guess what kind of situation they would face.

It was also because of this that Zheng Song finally compromised and agreed to his wife and son’s suggestion to let Zheng Yu and Lin Yu get engaged.

However, he did not expect that on the day of the engagement, someone would still expose the point that he cared about.

Zheng Yu was deeply afraid of Wang Qi, so after Wang Qi left, he still felt a lingering fear.

As for Wang Lan, although she was also dissatisfied with Wang Qi, she was still her niece. Now that she had done such a thing, she still had to think of a way to resolve it.

Moreover, the Zheng family was still here!

Lin Cheng felt his temples throbbing, but because the Zheng family was still around, he could only endure it.

Lin Yu, on the other hand, looked aggrieved. She leaned against Wang Lan helplessly, her tears almost flowing.

Wang Lan comforted Lin Yu with heartache, but she knew that the engagement would probably not happen today!

Just as Wang Lan thought, Lin Cheng and Zheng Song never mentioned the engagement again.

Although Jin Shan wanted to say something a few times, she was stopped by Zheng Song.

This situation made Lin Yu grit her teeth.

Fortunately, the necklace that Jin Shan had given Lin Yu was still hanging around her neck. Even if the engagement was not settled today, this gift had been given away.

They would definitely mention this again before long!

The Lin and Zheng families had an unhappy dinner together before the Zheng family bade farewell and left.

Lin Yu returned to her room dejectedly.

Wang Lan pulled Lin Cheng and said angrily, “I think Lin Yun arranged for Wang Qi to come today!”

Lin Cheng glanced at Wang Lan and said, “Don’t blame others for what your good niece did!”

Wang Lan was even more dissatisfied and said angrily, “You can just side with Lin Yun! She caused our biological daughter so much trouble, yet you’re still helping her!”

Lin Cheng shook his head and sighed. “Today’s matter gave me a chance to buffer myself. It’s not all bad.”

When Wang Lan heard this, he was even angrier. “What are you saying!”

“Didn’t you see how aggrieved Xiaoyu was today?”

“The Zheng family has already made up their mind to discuss the engagement with us, but now you say that it’s better if we haven’t settled it?”

Seeing Wang Lan’s angry expression, Lin Cheng sighed slightly and walked to her side. He gently pressed his hands on her shoulders.

After letting Wang Lan sit down, Lin Cheng said, “I talked to Old Zheng a lot in the study today.”

“The Zheng family’s matter won’t be resolved so easily this time.”

“Otherwise, with Old Zheng’s stubbornness, he wouldn’t have let Zheng Yu and Xiaoyu get engaged so easily.”

“He brought his family here today to discuss the engagement because he wanted me to agree to stabilize the Zheng family’s business after the two children are engaged.”

“Then…” Wang Lan didn’t understand, but she seemed to feel that Zheng Song’s motive was not simple.

“Did you agree to his request? Will he do us any harm?” Wang Lan probed.

Lin Cheng sat on the chair beside Wang Lan and said, “The marriage between the two families is a good way to increase the strength of the two families.”

“It’s just that the Zheng family’s situation isn’t very good now, and Zheng Yu isn’t suitable for business. That’s why he’s anxious to find an ally to stabilize the Zheng family’s momentum.”

Wang Lan felt that Zheng Song’s actions were not much different from her father’s choice to marry her to Lin Cheng.