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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 155 - Engagement

Chapter 155: Engagement

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The Lin family’s old residence was brightly lit.

The Zheng family of three was sitting in the hall chatting with Lin Cheng and Wang Lan.

Lin Yu sat in her room and put on the jade necklace Jin Shan had given her. She touched it gently, but frowned slightly.

She did not like such old-fashioned things. If Jin Shan had not insisted on letting her wear it and said that it was the Zheng family’s ancestral treasure, she would not have accepted it!

Back then, she had only wanted Zheng Yu’s bracelet because it was originally given to Lin Yun!

To Lin Yu, only a shining diamond could match her noble temperament!

Lin Cheng hesitated if he should discuss the engagement with the Zheng family at this time. After all, the Zheng family was in danger and might bring trouble to the Lin family.

The reason why he chose to settle Lin Yu and Zheng Yu’s marriage at this critical moment was because Lin Yu’s “injury” in this competition brought some negative news.

Not only did this news affect Lin Yu’s competition, but there were also rumors that the Lin family had bought out the competition.

Although this news was not completely fake, Lin Cheng did not want to get involved in this mess.

He just wanted to create a brighter background for his biological daughter, whom he had finally found, so that she could obtain the public’s recognition faster!

After all, Lin Yun was so dazzling back then. How could her biological daughter be inferior to Lin Yun!

Lin Yu was naturally looking forward to her engagement with Zheng Yu.

Zheng Yu was once Lin Yun’s beloved. As long as Lin Yu snatched Zheng Yu away, Lin Yun would definitely suffer! She had to snatch anything that belonged to Lin Yun!

Just as Lin Yu was thinking, a soft call came from outside the door. Then, there were two light knocks on the door.

Lin Yu walked to the door and opened it with a gentle smile. “Mom, Auntie Zheng…”

Jin Shan looked at the necklace around Lin Yu’s neck and was so happy that her eyes narrowed into slits.

She gently held Lin Yu’s hand with both hands and smiled. “Why are you calling me Auntie? You and Xiaoyu are getting engaged. It’s time to change your address!”

Lin Yu blushed and lowered her head slightly, looking a little shy.

Wang Lan smiled and held Jin Shan’s arm. “Aiya, look at you. You’re making me feel embarrassed!”

After Wang Lan finished speaking, she said to Lin Yu, “Xiaoyu, your father and Uncle Zheng are discussing something in the study. Your Aunt Zheng and I are preparing to take a walk in the back garden. Zheng Yu is bored downstairs alone. Go with him!”

Lin Yu nodded and said, “Alright! I’ll go down now!”

Wang Lan and Jin Shan smiled at each other and left together in satisfaction.

Lin Yu tidied her clothes slightly before walking to the living room.

Zheng Yu was sitting on the sofa, playing the video of the new Masked King.

Lin Yu frowned slightly when she heard the song from the phone.

Zheng Yu was not watching the clip of her competition, but a contestant who suddenly became popular in the first round of the semi-finals.

This contestant did not appear in the initial preliminary round. Instead, she obtained a seat recommended by the judges and entered the semi-finals directly.

This was a huge insult to Lin Yu!

After all, even with her status, she did not directly pass the preliminary round and enter the semi-finals. SHow could an unknown contestant be given such an honor!

However, Lin Yu had never thought that if she hadn’t stunned everyone with Lin Yun’s song in the preliminary round, she wouldn’t have been able to “pass through” in the first round of the semi-finals.

If she were to directly enter the semi-finals, she would probably be eliminated the moment she opened her mouth!

Wouldn’t that be even more embarrassing!

Lin Yu listened to the song coming from the phone and felt that this voice was familiar.

She seemed to have heard it somewhere, but she wasn’t sure if it was because of the confusion caused by the voice on the phone.

After all, her judgment of voices was not as accurate as Lin Yun’s!

Thinking of Lin Yun, Lin Yu’s expression turned ugly.

She quickly walked forward and stood in front of Zheng Yu with a faint smile. “What are you looking at?”

Zheng Yu seemed to be frightened by her sudden appearance and subconsciously put away her phone. His actions were akin to that of a husband who had an affair being caught by his wife!