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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 150 - Competition

Chapter 150: Competition

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When the song ended, everyone held their breaths, as if their breaths had long been frozen by Ming Yi’s song.

Finally, Qi Hao clapped his hands hard, expressing his approval of Ming Yi.

Jia Fang and Li Tao also clapped their hands with happy smiles.

The audience also began to clap fiercely, accompanied by a series of whistles, causing the atmosphere to instantly boil.

Ming Yi was still standing straight on the stage, seemingly unaffected by these enthusiastic emotions.

Without a doubt, the three judges gave Ming Yi the card to advance.

When Ming Yi returned to the resting area, she was welcomed with cheers and praise. Of course, there were also people who scoffed at her performance.

“Congratulations! Your performance was amazing!” A slightly plump girl walked towards Ming Yi.

“You’re Ming Yi, right? Hello, I’m Jin Rong.”

Ming Yi’s voice was still hoarse. “Hello, thank you.”

“Hmph! Pretentious!” The girl with the high ponytail glanced at Mingyi and said disdainfully.

“Gao Lu, don’t say that. She sang really well!” Her companion standing beside her smiled apologetically at Ming Yi and comforted her.

Gao Lu’s expression turned even uglier. “Isn’t she wearing this kind of clothes to impress the judges?!”

“She’s completely the same as that Miss Lin!”

“Don’t be like this! If everyone can advance together, we might even have to compete in the same group in the future!” His companion even had a gentle smile.

She patted Gao Lu’s shoulder gently and walked to Ming Yi. “I’m sorry. Gao Lu is impatient. Don’t mind her.”

“Hello, my name is Gong Cheng. You can call me Cheng,” Gong Cheng said to Mingyi secretly.

Ming Yi nodded again. “Hello.”

Seeing Ming Yi’s distant attitude, Gao Lu snorted and pulled Gong Cheng to her side.

“Look, look, she doesn’t even care about us!”

“Maybe she wants to get close to Miss Lin. Don’t get in her way!”

Gao Lu’s words were harsh and provocative. Many people present frowned.

However, some people thought that there was nothing wrong with what Gao Lu said.

Seeing that the competition had progressed to this point, everyone knew that Lin Yu must have the support of a faction.

Anyone with some intelligence would know to build a good relationship with Lin Yu.

However, Lin Yu’s eyes remained on her head and she ignored everyone.

Those who wanted to follow her in taking shortcuts were currently clueless.

As for a capable person like Mingyi, if she could get on the fast ship of the Lin family’s eldest daughter, her future competitions would definitely be stable!

It was just not clear if Miss Lin would have the guts to keep Ming Yi by her side!

Under everyone’s complicated gazes, Lin Yun returned to her corner and waited quietly.

The semi-finals format was modified to have multiple rounds.

In the first round of the semi-finals, the contestants would choose the competition songs from the music library given by the production team. The judges would filter the songs from 100 to 70.

After the first round, the second round of group matches began.

The competition was arranged in groups of contestants, with 35 contestants per group. The two groups would fight in order.

After this round, the group with the least number of winners would be completely eliminated.

This was a terrifying and cruel competition. It was also an extremely testing competition.

All the contestants could only leave after the first round was completed and the top 70 were divided into groups.

Lin Yun naturally had to wait quietly for the opportunity to advance.

On the other hand, Lin Yu left early after the competition ended.

The reason she gave was that they had to go to the hospital for a follow-up, and the staff would help them split up.

Therefore, she did not see the performance of the contestant called Ming Yi.

It was also because of this that more contestants complained about her privileges!

Finally, all the competition groups were completed. Lin Yun was placed in Group A, and Lin Yu was placed in Group B.

Lin Yun was very satisfied with this outcome.

If possible, she could fight Lin Yu on the spot, which was what Lin Yun looked forward to the most.

She was very curious. Without Ji Rou’s help, what kind of otherworldly expert would Lin Cheng be able to find for Lin Yu!

At the mention of Ji Rou, Lin Yun’s lips curled up slightly.

Lin Yu probably wouldn’t have thought that Teacher Ji Rou, whom she looked down on, was the famous singer, Rolin!