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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 149 - Unexpected Performance

Chapter 149: Unexpected Performance

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Lin Yun didn’t know if this was the result of the bribery behind the scenes or if Lin Yu’s previous performance had indeed given her special rights.

But to the other contestants who were also participating in this competition, this was indeed unfair!

Just Lin Yu’s singing in the wheelchair alone was probably not even enough to reach the top 20!

However, the truth was that the judges unanimously agreed that Lin Yu was strong enough to complete the next competition, but the premise was that she needed to recuperate.

Some contestants felt that this outcome was unfair, but more people approved of this so-called true strength and the operation of capital.

“Could it be that just because the judges think that she can perform better next time, the other contestants who performed better than her this time should be given up?” A girl with a high ponytail growled indignantly.

“This is the power of capital!” Another arrogant-looking girl crossed her legs and leaned against the low sofa.

“In my opinion, this competition is prepared for her alone!” The tall girl in the long dress who had just walked into the resting area sneered.

Lin Yun sat at the side and quietly listened to their discussion.

Indeed, with Lin Yu’s performance today, she could still be praised by the judges for being unafraid of pain, persevering in completing the competition, and successfully advancing!

This made many contestants who were quite strong but did not rank well naturally not happy.

Seeing that Lin Yu’s popularity among the contestants was getting worse, Lin Yun knew that this was not enough.

Lin Yu didn’t care about this at all.

With Lin Cheng behind her back, even if her true strength was discovered in the end and she couldn’t get first place, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to enter the finals.

What Lin Yun had to do now was to make sure that she didn’t even have a chance to enter the finals!

After most of the contestants went on stage, it was finally Lin Yun’s turn.

She walked onto the stage in black and a black veil.

The three judges were looking down at her previous competition records. When they looked up, they were shocked by her black outfit.

Li Tao looked at the contestants on the stage with a dissatisfied expression. “Are you planning to participate in the competition in this manner?”

On the other side, Jia Fang revealed a gentle smile. “We respect every contestant’s aesthetic choice. However, can you introduce us to your outfit…”

She paused. “Can you tell me why?”

The three judges, including Qi Hao, who was sitting in the middle, looked at Ming Yi.

Many contestants racked their brains in this competition and wore strange clothes to attract attention.

However, in the end, strength spoke for itself.

As a contestant recommended by the judges in the previous preliminary round, Ming Yi did not need to attract attention with such a strange outfit.

While everyone was puzzled, Ming Yi’s hoarse voice sounded. “I was injured some time ago and am still recovering.”

Hearing Ming Yi’s words, the three judges fell silent.

From Ming Yi’s voice, it was very different from the voices of the contestants they had heard before. Could it be that her throat was injured too?

If that was the case, why would she participate in the competition…

Although the three of them were hesitant, they knew that if they did not let Ming Yi sing now, it would definitely make the audience unhappy.

The three of them looked at each other before Qi Hao said, “Alright! I hope you recover soon! Now, please start your performance!”

Ming Yi nodded slightly and thanked the three judges.

As she leaned forward slightly, Ming Yi stroked the wings on her chest again, like a pious prayer.

She picked up the receiver and brewed her emotions.

The music melody sounded. Everyone was waiting to hear what song that hoarse voice would bring.

Some people even frowned and waited, afraid that this “alternative” contestant would bring about a disaster.

When the ethereal and clear voice sounded at the recording venue, everyone looked around in shock. The director quickly checked if he had placed the wrong accompaniment tape and played the original song.

The few audience members looked around to see if there were any unexpected guests.

The judges subconsciously pressed down on the earphones on their heads to let the sound transmit more clearly in their eardrums.

Lin Yun chose the song “Breathe” by the band No 1. Color which dominated the European music charts for three weeks last season.

And her clear voice perfectly interpreted this music that overwhelmed the audience.