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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 146 - Stalking

Chapter 146: Stalking

Lin Yun decided to use another method to track Lu Teng.

She wanted to know what Lu Teng was up to!

After a few days of busy work, the semi-finals of the new Masked King was about to begin.

Although Lin Yun had already made preparations when the production team released the music library, she still had to practice before she could feel at ease.

There was originally no piano room in this residence. After Lin Yun moved in, she instructed someone to transform the room closest to the back garden into a piano room.

Although it was a little crude compared to the Lin family’s piano room, it was enough for Lin Yun to practice.

Lin Yun came to the piano room and touched the new piano, which was naturally not as good as the Lin family’s piano.

After all, that piano was specially customized by Lin Cheng when Lin Yun first won the International Gold Award. However, ever since Lin Yu touched that piano, Lin Yun had lost all interest in it.

Lin Yun had asked Ji Rou to get someone to help her make this piano. Although the craftsmanship was simple, the tone was pure, and the feel was very good.

After Lin Yun played a tune on the piano, she began to practice seriously.

It was said that the Ji family and the Lin family seemed to have some conflicts recently. The Lin family had taken back a portion of the shares that they had invested in the Ji family.

Lin Yun believed that all of this was related to the conflict between Lin Yu and Ji Rou.

It seemed like Lin Yu’s exclusive music teacher had already been “off duty”.

Without Ji Rou’s help, what kind of effect would Lin Yu show in the next competition?

Lin Yun couldn’t help but look forward to it.

… .

Lin Yun walked out of the piano room and saw Aunt Xu pacing back and forth in the living room, as if she had something on her mind.

“Aunt Xu, what happened?” Lin Yun took a few steps forward and asked with concern.

Ever since Shao Yi was captured, Aunt Xu often looked distracted. Seeing how anxious she was, she was afraid that Shao Yi had changed again.

When Aunt Xu saw Lin Yun, it was as if she had seen a life-saving straw.

She grabbed Lin Yun’s hand. “Miss, help!”

Lin Yun frowned and looked at Aunt Xu. “Aunt Xu, don’t be anxious. Tell me what happened.”

“The police just called and said that they have found evidence of my son stealing.” Aunt Xu’s face was filled with panic.

“They also said that it involves a huge sum of money. If he can’t return it, he’ll probably be sentenced to life imprisonment!”

Lin Yun frowned even more and narrowed her eyes.

Even if the amount was huge, with the existing law, it was impossible to be sentenced to life imprisonment.

However, ordinary police officers would not scare the family of a suspect with such a thing.

What was going on?

The more Lin Yun thought about it, the more suspicious she felt.

After temporarily comforting Aunt Xu, Lin Yun secretly hacked into the police system at night.

She had to admit that Blackie’s skills were good.

With her previous computer, it was impossible to achieve such a high speed effect.

Lin Yun opened a few confidential documents to take a look. They were all old and useless. Lin Yun had already read them a few years ago when she sneaked in.

She searched carefully and realized that there were no records of Shao Yi’s case in the entire system.

In other words, there was no real record of this case.

Moreover, all the information about the case was not recorded in the system.

Lin Yun bit her lip and opened the security network of the police system, wanting to retrieve the surveillance system of the police station where Shao Yi was detained.

At this moment, Lin Yun felt as if someone was secretly watching her.

She did not dare to stay long. After circling around the system for a long time, she finally shook off the person secretly watching her before trying to erase all her traces.

Lin Yun turned off the internet connection. It took her a while to turn off the computer.

“Phew! That was close!” She secretly heaved a sigh of relief and broke into a sweat for the close shave.

“CEO Lu, we lost them again!” Ning Kun stood beside Lu Chen and looked at the information reported by his subordinate.

Lu Chen did not seem surprised. He nodded and waved his hand, indicating for Ning Kun to leave.

Lu Chen had already guessed that Dark One would take action in the next two days, so he had already sent people to ambush a few terminal systems and monitor them at all times.

As soon as Dark One appeared, his men followed quietly, but they were still discovered by the vigilant Dark One.

It seemed that this guy was really cautious!