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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 143 - Asking Blackie for Help  

Chapter 143: Asking Blackie for Help

Lin Yun looked at the news on her phone and smiled mockingly.

Lin Cheng really knew how to use the media. Lin Yu’s injuries were obviously fake, but the media reported according to his wishes.

It seemed that he had spent a lot on this.

However, since Lin Cheng was so rich, he naturally wouldn’t be stingy with this small sum of money.

Lin Yun was curious. Although Lin Yu’s story for her injuries was fake, it was true that she was hospitalized.

What was the reason behind this? What did the Lin family want to hide?

Lin Yun immediately became curious. She turned on her computer and planned to look at the surrounding surveillance cameras to see if she could obtain some information.

Before she could hack into the surveillance cameras, Luna’s pop-up window suddenly popped up.

Lin Yun looked at the message from Lu Xinna and her face twisted.

“Dark One, someone asked you to investigate Lu Teng’s whereabouts! It’s a big deal! Do you want to take it?”

Lin Yun looked at the message and knew who had issued the mission.

Could it be that Lu Chen had not given up on looking for her?

However, Dark One had already rejected many of such missions. If this continued, her ranking might fall.

Lin Yun hesitated for a long time and grabbed her hair in frustration.

Finally, she looked up and stared at the dialog box, as if giving herself firm confidence.

“Okay! Answer!” Lin Yun quickly entered the information in the dialog box.

“OK! I’ll send you the mission details later! Look out for it!” Luna replied instantly again and sent a big smiley face.

Lin Yun closed the computer screen in frustration and temporarily lost her desire to explore Lin Yu’s secrets.

… .

Aunt Xu had been in a daze for two to three days.

Lin Yun knew that Aunt Xu was worried about her son.

However, Shao Yi’s situation was a little special. Lin Yun did not have a good solution.

It seemed like the first thing to do now was to investigate Lu Teng’s whereabouts. Not only could she ensure Lu Chen’s safety, but he could also figure out what was going on with Shao Yi’s case.

Lin Yun made up her mind and was instantly motivated.

However, before that, she needed to go to Blackie’s place again and get back what she had ordered.

Before leaving, Lin Yun contacted Jin Yan and asked him to meet her at the pedestrian street.

The driver drove to the pedestrian street with familiarity. He wanted to go in with Lin Yun, but she rejected him.

The driver was a little hesitant, but he knew that he could not disobey Lin Yun.

Lin Yu walked to the door of the pedestrian street and Jin Yan happened to arrive.

The two of them walked in as they spoke. The driver secretly took a photo from behind.

The two of them arrived at Blackie’s shop. Lin Yun asked Jin Yan to wait outside while she walked in first.

They walked along the dark road until they reached the innermost door.

Lin Yun pushed open the door and heard clanging sounds coming from inside.

Lin Yun probed, “Blackie? Are you there?”

“Um… inside!” Blackie’s weak voice came.

Lin Yun looked around but could not find her.

Finally, after some noise, Blackie appeared from behind an iron shelf.

“The things are at the door. Get someone to move them!” Blackie said and pointed with his chin at the two huge cardboard boxes by the door.

“You haven’t been here for so many days. I thought something had happened to you!”

Lin Yun smiled sweetly at Old Black and waved the small box in her hand. “If anything happens to me, who will send you Aunt Xu’s special snacks!”

Old Black’s eyes lit up. She threw the tools in her hand aside and walked to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun handed the small box to Blackie.

Blackie immediately opened the box excitedly and smiled when she saw the exquisite snacks.

“I knew you weren’t heartless!” Blackie said as he forked a snack into his mouth.

“I can arrange for the surveillance cameras and monitors to be installed for you when you need them.”

Blackie swallowed the snack and narrowed we eyes in satisfaction.

“As for the computer, I even gave you an anti-surveillance system.”

“Thank you!” Lin Yun smiled deeply.

Blackie forked another snack, gave her a thumbs-up, and continued to enjoy her food.

“Aunt Xu hasn’t been in a good state for the past few days. I’ll get her to prepare some new snacks for you in a few days!” Lin Yun said as she looked at Blackie eating heartily.

Blackie looked at Lin Yun in confusion. “What happened?”

Lin Yun hesitated for a moment before telling Blackie about Shao Yi.

In some ways, Blackie’s connections were much wider than hers. Perhaps Blackie could help Shao Yi!